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    SiteLock Website Security

    Added by: msurofchek About 3 weeks ago

    Posted in Security

    0 reviews
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    cPanel Chat Plugin For SunChat Live Chat

    Added by: Andreaz About 2 months ago

    Posted in Misc. Applications

    0 reviews
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    Simple SEO: Increase traffic to your website with an easy to follow plan for only $29.

    Added by: glasshat About 2 months ago

    Posted in SEO & Marketing Tools

    0 reviews
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    Added by: apihawk About 2 months ago

    Posted in Billing Automation

    0 reviews
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    Free Christmas theme for your cPanel

    Added by: WoltBase About 3 months ago

    Posted in Themes and Skins

    0 reviews

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    ModulesGarden Rage4 For cPanel

    Added by: cPanel About 2 years ago

    Posted in Domains & DNS

    1 reviews
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    Flazio White Label Site Builder

    Added by: antonella About 1 year ago

    Posted in Website Builders

    0 reviews
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    Engintron (Nginx on cPanel)

    Added by: cPanel About 2 years ago

    Posted in Web Server Alternatives

    22 reviews
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    cPanel Custom Software Development By ModulesGarden

    Added by: cPanel About 2 years ago

    Posted in Development Services

    2 reviews

New Reviews

  • Engintron (Nginx on cPanel)

    Added by: RobinF About 2 months ago

    Just installed, and seems to really speed up overall webserver accesses

    I have installed this App on two of my cPanel (VPS) servers and both have improved http access speeds following activation. Nginx works as a proxy server to httpd, reducing the actual...

  • Site.pro Website Builder

    Added by: aureprofis About 3 months ago

    Best website builder for begginer

    I have tried few different website builders and now I choose Site.pro. I made my first personal website very easy quickly and for free! Now I use premium plan and I recommend to try...

  • JetBackup

    Added by: cwgregory About 3 months ago

    Perfect Solution for backing up my vps

    I wasn't happy with the built-in backups or with other addons I tried. JetBackup lets me select multiple destinations, use a mix of full and incremental backups, allow my cpanel users...

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