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Fast & proactive monitoring: checks status each 0.5 sec and fixes issues without human intervention.

Guardian Server Monitoring

1H Guardian sets a new standard for server management. It is an automatic reaction system that provides server monitoring as a side benefit. It is extremely fast, powerful and, most importantly, proactive software specifically designed to optimize server administration.

  • Fast & Powerful Checks all critical services every 0.5 sec
  • Proactive Performs auto-repair when a problem is detected
  • Informative Provides real time status and availability reports

Extensive server checks every 0.5 sec – definitely the fastest solution out there!

Due to its unique lightweight design, 1H Guardian is able to check your server status at the amazing interval of 0.5 seconds without creating additional overhead on the machine that is checked. It will check your server load and monitor all important services running on your machine including Apache, MySQL, DNS, MTA, IMAP/POP3, FTP, etc.

Automatic overload prevention and downtime reaction

The major advantage of 1H Guardian is that it is not simply a server monitoring system that notifies the system administrator when a problem is detected. It is designed to prevent and fix service interruptions by reacting to different situations based on many predefined scenarios. It does the following:

  • Applies different remedies to different levels of server load.1H Guardian monitors server load level and depending on the values takes measures to prevent overload. It does not just kill processes over a particular load level. Instead, it has a sophisticated system that applies a hierarchy of different remedies (renice, ionice, pause, kill) for different load levels. Additionally, it automatically detects and kills unnecessary processes running on the server.
  • Restarts services extremely fast.1H Guardian not only detects if a service is down faster than any other server monitoring system, but it also restarts unresponsive services faster. This is possible because it uses custom-made init scripts for such restarts. Normal service init scripts perform too many checks before allowing a restart to actually take place, while the number of checks in the Guardian init scripts is reduced to include only the essential ones.

Comprehensive real time status and availability reports

The Guardian interface allows you to monitor the real time status of all your servers. It shows at a glance all the machines with an issue and what the issue is. The status is refreshed every 10 seconds and you can choose to be notified with a sound alert for critical issues that require immediate attention. The interface also allows you to generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly availability reports. They show clearly the uptime of all your servers for the period and can be easily exported for internal and/or external uptime reporting purposes.

Configurable and flexible email notifications

Guardian can be configured to send email notifications based on the events you consider important. You can choose on which days and hours to receive these email notifications. Thus you do not need someone to look non-stop at the real-time status screen. An email will be sent when an outage or high load is detected. You will receive another notification when the issue is resolved.

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