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ASSP can stop unsolicited email (UCE) and virus at the SMTP server.

ASSP Deluxe for cPanel is the only ASSP frontend for cPanel officially supported by Fritz Borgstedt, ASSP developer . ASSP Deluxe for cPanel was also the first project which permitted to use ASSP on a cPanel server (the ASSP Deluxe for cPanel idea started on December 2006), this is the official ASSP product to use ASSP on cPanel. Currently ASSP Deluxe for cPanel is used on about one thousand cPanel servers while ASSP is installed in over 6000 servers worldwide ( Global Stats ). ASSP includes RBL, Bayesian filter, HELO, SPF, PTR, MX & A record checks, an advanced Penalty box, Delaying , URIBL , BombRe, automatic whitelisting, SPAM Scoring mode, Sender base checks, Country check, antivirus integration, SPAM reports, high end spambox collection, nospam tags, set smtp connection limits (outgoing/ingoing) , set limits for attachment, a secured password protected ASSP Web Interface with countless configurable settings. A part of the ASSP Deluxe for cPanel earnings contributes the ASSP project .

ASSP Deluxe for cPanel main goals

  • Install,use and configure ASSP on your cPanel server in an easy/automated way.
  • Blocking more spam and virus as possible
  • Reducing near to zero false positives
  • Automate more tasks as possible. Set it and forget it.
  • Do all this using as low cpu as possible, much less than any other spam solution for cPanel. Definitely forget all your spamassassin cpu problems. ASSP uses a single perl daemon to execute smtp connections while spamd ( spamassassin ) uses a 5%-10% spamd cpu process for each email received.
  • Minimal hardware requirements , much less than any other spam solution for cPanel . You can install ASSP Deluxe for cPanel on VPS and very old servers.
  • Reducing at maximum administration work, relaying to the end user common antispam tasks (such as whitelisting, and spam/not spam reporting).
  • It works on VPS too.

User Reviews (9)

  • Rock Solid Anti-Spam Solution and the Best Support!

    Added by: inspedium About 2 years ago

    Overall rating

    This is by far the best anti-spam solution available. We have been using it for a few years o all our servers and are very satisfied with the performance. What makes this solution the best though, is the quick and awesome support offered by Gabriel. He is always ready to help and goes above and beyond in updating his product and even catering to custom needs. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for an outstanding anti-spam product with top-notch support!

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  • Solid software and good support

    Added by: nuvens About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have been using ASSP Deluxe for several years. The software is very reliable but it does have a learning curve. The support is good and I never had a question unanswered or bug that wasn't promptly fixed.

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  • Amazing!!

    Added by: kygeek About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    This product works wonderfully! The documentation is very thorough as well. Installation is straight forward as long as your comfortable with the command line and how a mail system works. We have been able to eliminate virtually all our spam and virus issues. I recommend this product to anyone using cpanel. It surpasses many solutions that cost 10 times more per month. great work!! thank you for a wonderful product!!!

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  • The best AntiSpam for cPanel

    Added by: castris About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    I use mailscanner due to the need of some clients. But for my shared servers and for the VPS and dedicated clients who want an effective, modular, highly configurable ANTI-SPAM system, I have no doubts. ASSP de Luxe is the best there is for antispam systems, for cPanel & WHM.

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  • ASSP Web Interface not accessible

    Added by: chriscsldata About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have just taken over looking after a cPanel server that has ASSP configured however the web interface is not accessible.. Any thoughts?

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  • Top notch anti-spam solution for cPanel

    Added by: tier.dc About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    Very good piece of software to have around when you are having a lot of e-mails in your company. Support is also great, Gabriel is very polite and helpful. This is by far the most useful cPanel app we have ever used. I will rate it 4/5 because it's probably the most complicated setup for a cPanel plugin of all the plugins out there. Nevertheless there is also paid installation support if you decide to purchase it. I also recommend getting the paid installation as to installing it by yourself. Also self-maintenance is pretty difficult if you run into trouble due to the fact that the software itself is quite complex. Except this, everything works as it should. If you have ever used ANY other server-side anti-spam solution you will find ASSP Deluxe for cPanel to be quite amazing compared to anything else.

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  • Excellent Application

    Added by: 1st4webshops About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    There's no getting away from the fact that there is a lot to ASSP, especially the amount of elements accessible via the web interface. In fact, there is so much there that, when looking at it initially, the user might wonder how on earth they are ever going to get to grips with it. The fact of the matter is the user doesn't necessarily have to get to grips with it as it just works and works very well indeed because of ASSP Deluxe which takes care of the settings for you. Left to itself ASSP learns and improves in protecting the user from spam as time passes. There are very simple ways to train ASSP re specific messages that it may incorrectly block or let through and also very simple ways to whitelist/blacklist addresses. For those who want more control, there's more control than you can shake a stick at via the web interface. Once you start using the web interface it becomes your friend as you have control over pretty much every aspect of controlling your email.

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  • The best anti spam system available

    Added by: pacweb About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    We have used ASSP Deluxe for our shared hosting servers for the last 8 ish years and have always found it excellent. Support has been consistently excellent all through this time with no problem getting a reply whatsoever. Our customers love it as it really does block a tremendous amount of spam (practically all of it!) and has all the necessary features in place for a customer to instantly see a good email blocked as spam the moment it is received and easily report it to ASSP Deluxe when it gets it wrong, and it learns from it when that happens. All in all it is easily the best anti spam platform available and having used spam assassin also I can say that it doesn't come close to ASSP Deluxe either in terms of the amount of spam blocked or the advanced but simple for your customers to use abilities and features of ASSP Deluxe. Some genuine comments received from our customers:- "ASSP is the best, easiest and most effective spam filter I've come across" "Nothing we have ever tried stops more spam" Paul Nesbitt PAC Web Hosting

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  • Nice when it works...

    Added by: edoriv About 7 years ago

    Overall rating

    Sadly an expensive lesson learned. Paid for the unlimited version plus installation. Config took a few trial an errors but finally got working for the most part. Robust tools and detailed. However training never worked despite constantly sending mail to spam and not spam it never learned them correctly. Over time roughly a year later it's useless. More legit mail gets caught in spambox and tons of spam is slipping through. Despite multiple emails to the developer for help with my unlimited license I've received no response in over a month to 2 months. Possibly he's not getting my mail or he's away... giving the benefit of the doubt but don't think this is the case. Today I had to fully disable ASSP and switch back to SA Wish this worked or support was provided as paid for.

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