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AUTOM8N - active-active redundancy, high availability and native nginx plugin for cPanel

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AUTOM8N is DNS LoadBalanced, High Available and Scalable WebStack for cPanel and allows you to seamlessly switch between LAMP or LEMP ( native Nginx) on cPanel

Using DNS LoadBalancing, Web routing by Nginx and MySQL routing by Maxscale, AUTOM8N provide multi-server scalability, High Availability for the entire web stack including cron jobs.

AUTOM8N can also be used on a StandAlone server to Filter out bots, brute force attacks and even drop all traffic to individual domains. Additionally, it allows a user to seamlessly change the LAMP stack to LEMP stack on a per domain basis


SYNFLOOD Protection using SYNPROXY (FireHol)

Brute Force mitigation using Nginx Rate Limiting

SSL termination and http/https termination by the battle-hardened Nginx server

Users can switch individual domains to Pure LEMP stack ( Nginx+PHP-FPM)

DNS load balancing and Clustering with fully automated Ansible deployment

High Availability for the entire LAMP/LEMP stack including cron job failover

Backup MX using postfix 

Mod_sec v3 in Nginx

PHP-FPM, Phusion Passenger, tomcat, Lucee(ColdFusion) App servers





User Reviews (4)

  • Strongly recommended

    Added by: vladublue About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    Hello everyone, We strongly recommend the XtendWeb services. The XtendWeb cPanel make the server faster and it provide a lot of great features like layer7 DDOS attack protection (each enduser can very easy configure the security/performance settings as he want via cPanel >> XtendWeb Panel), Mod Security v3 and many others. We using XtendWeb with CENTOS 7 for more than 4 months and we are very pleased. Also, the support is wonderful. Do not hesitate to contact them for more info! Best regards to all!

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  • magnificent support

    Added by: ispcloud About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    exceptional product support incredibly are always available and I have to give them 5 stars fast

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  • Incredible performace, great support and constant updates.

    Added by: About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    I'm not one to write reviews. I don't enjoy it, and I can honestly this is the first positive review I've even left in my life. I have made a few bad reviews in my life though! Anyway, I stumbled upon xtendweb when my company was looking to increase performance. Previously, our solution for low performance was more hardware. New servers, more memory, more cores. We've used NGINX previously, but we're brand new to cPanel. We only have a half dozen clients or so on that server, and we do plan on expanding it. We had no idea how great it was. Anyway, we've got one client on that server with a high-traffic political news site. They're running WordPress and we've done everything we could to help out with performance. Redis/Memcached query caching, set header expiry. Everything. We even ventured into varnish for a while, but that was before WHM, and there's no good varnish solutions for WHM. None that we trusted anyhow. We came across Nginx after another failed Nginx solution failed us. The developer literally said "Sorry, I don't think [his product] is for you. Next stop was Xtendweb. At the time it was an open-source, free experiment on Github. We followed the installation instructions for Centos. Ran HTOP, and boom. Server load dropped from almost constantly 80%-90% resource usage to a steady 10%-20%. No joke. Immediately. We found what we were looking for, and it saved us a small fortune. A few weeks after implementing Xtendweb, the developer went private with it. Too good to be true? Well, we must have been one of their first customers. $5 per month for Nginx proxy, and a list of extras that was pretty impressive. Also, every week they seem to be adding something to it. Just today there was an update, and it install Netdata. The Nginx installation is fully customizeable. Redis, redis2, mod_pagespeed, brotli and so may security options we didn't know what to do with ourselves. Now, that same client mentioned before is using their new WordPress full page caching. This is another example of an addon to the software that we had no ides we would receive. I've needed support three times and it's always been fast and fixed the problem. Even once when the issue had nothing to do with their add-on, but rather a mistake we made. I could go on and on about how pleased I am with this addition, and it's fully scalable to multiple servers. The only other piece of software I think I would write a review for is probably cPanel/WHM. These two pieces make me regret not starting our company with this platform from the beginning. I am very pleased with Xtendweb and what it has done for our company. I look forward to seeing where the developer goes with this great addon.

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  • Best free Nginx cPanel plugin

    Added by: yoyo699 About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    I use this plugin for more than 24 months now on several servers, and I'm delighted with all features that have been added all along this time. Anoop is a skilled sysadmin, and now it has cluster feature, what else ? (private cdn:)). I pay sometimes for support, and I get excellent fix/service anytime. I recommend strongly, other plugins are not so good, and they inspire themselves from this plugin (cpnginx is a bad and weak paid copy)

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