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Admin-Ahead BULK DNS TTL CHANGER FOR cPanel/WHM v1.0

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What strikes you in common when you have to switch hosts, migrate domains, instantly change your mail server or switch IP addresses? Changing the TTL in the DNS zone files for all your domains to minimize downtime – or to be more specific, minimize DNS propagation delay.

Now, changing DNS TTL values for multiple domains is just a click away, and that too right within your WHM interface! Here we introduce the Admin-Ahead Bulk DNS TTL changer v1.0 for cPanel/WHM. With this interface, you get to lower TTL values for multiple domains all at once, and make sure that the DNS information that you change will take effect in a shorter interval of time. What’s more? Once your migration is complete, you can use this same tool to raise the DNS TTL values of multiple domains and thus make life a little easier on nameservers.

Henceforth, let not downtime stop you from going ahead with what has to be done right away.

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