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Admin-Ahead gDNS Cluster :: Cluster DNS from cPanel and other Control Panels.

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One DNS for all your Control Panels. With gDNS, you can cluster your cPanel servers with your Plesk Servers and more. Currently gDNS supports cPanel and Plesk Linux Servers to be clustered, but the future is looking bring with Windows Servers and other Control Panels to be included.

The Admin-Ahead gDNS Cluster is your ultimate clustering solution if you require to cluster a cPanel and Plesk Server. gDNS comes with a user friendly Interface for the Controller and customized plugins for cPanel and Plesk. We are aiming at providing support for Windows Servers and other Control panels in the near future, enabling you to have a Single DNS server for all your Control Panels. gDNS also marks the start of a standalone dns cluster solution for Parallels Plesk Control Panels.


Cluster cPanel and Plesk Servers together. Even use the gDNS to make your new Plesk Server DNS Cluster.

  • Cloud Read Solution. Deploy in Amazon or Google Cloud in minutes.
  • Creation of a tertiary DNS is just a few clicks away.
  • Cluster as many production servers as you may want on the go.
  • Completely Plug and Play Solution with customized Interface for cPanel, Plesk and the gDNS Controller.


One gDNS controller license in $7.99/month. This will allow you to set up one gDNS controller server and two transfer servers.

Additional transfer servers (beyond the two free licenses provided with the controller license) will be charged $2/month.

Additional edge servers will be charged at $3.99/month. No free edge server licenses are provided with the controller server license.

To know what is the difference between Controller, Edge and Transfer Servers, kindly read through:

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