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Realtime Anti Malware for WHM. Protect your server against malware uploads (c99, r57, and more). Pyxsoft Antimalware for WHM protects yor server in 3 ways:

1. Scanning all FTP and HTTP uploads in realtime, protecting from known malware in FTP and for all kind of malware (known and unknown) in HTTP

2. Scanning all new files every night.

3. Via mod_security rules, it protects, by example against the thimthumb vulnerability.

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User Reviews (1)

  • Terrible customer support

    Added by: fvargas About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    App/software works as expected. Easy to configure, even when people at serversurgeon did that for us. You get a daily report with malware found and number of bruteforce attacks per domain hosted on your server, but just a number right next to the domain, no further information. However, couple of issues are making me switch to ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs): 1. Terrible customer support. If you send them a question or ask something, is totally unknown wether you'll get a response or not. Last couple questions, even when I was following up every two days, just never got an answer. 2. PayPal issues. You supposed to get the money right from PayPal every month. In our case, we didn't and just get a cancellation message from Pyxosft. Then I went to PayPal and cancelled that recurring payment and started a new one, then the following month same thing, got a cancellation message (for lack of payment) but money wasn't collected from PayPal at all, or, better said, it was but Pyxosft didn't get the message, because both times I was charged twice (even when I was receiving the "non payment" message). Asked support... and guess what? Refer to point one. Not a single answer. So I'm done, moving to another provider. Plus, CXS is just a single $60 payment, Pyxosft, even when cheap, is $10 a month. Based on service and payment issues, is not worth it if someone else is offering a similar product. Will try them (CXS) hoping that malware issues can keep under control. Regards,

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