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What is Apachebooster?

 Apachebooster, was basically developed in order to elevate the server's functioning by upgrading the performance of Apache Software. Integrated with Nginx and Varnish, Apachebooster enhances the working capability of Apache Software which in turn helps the servers to become faster in their processing. It caches both static and dynamic data (using Nginx and Varnish) and thus boosts the website performance.

Easy to install and with 'no maintenance', Apachebooster offers the optimal solution to a low performing server. Once it  gets installed in the server, one does not have to worry anymore in terms of the server's working. Through Apachebooster, we are presenting  an unparalleled quality product that has no match.


Additional Benefits of Apachebooster:

  • Apachebooster makes the best use of cache memory and hence it greatly helps in saving the memory consumption in the webserver.

  • Apachebooster supports gzip compression for static files and this helps the fast and easy transfer of data.

  • Apachebooster act as a first level of protection against DDOS.

  • It monitors real time bandwidth and connection stats. One can get these details through the interface seen in WHM.

  • Disk operations will be reduced if Apachebooster is used and this in turn helps to reduce the server load.


How to purchase?

Send an email to sales@apachebooster.com to purchase Apachebooster. A trial version is available for 10 days. Visit the website apachebooster.com for more details. (URL : http://www.apachebooster.com/index.php#prices)


Is it easy to install ?

Definitely! Please follow these steps to install Apachebooster in the server.

Step 1: Please download the script install.sh from the location http://download.ndimensionz.com/install.sh

Step 2: Upload install.sh to the server

Step 3: Execute the script sh install.sh

Step 4: Input your license key mentioned above when prompted. Provide the same and press enter key.


What are the system requirements to install Apachebooster in the server?

  • cPanel & WHM

  • CentOS / RHEL 6.* & 7.*

  • Perl (Installed by default on CentOS / Redhat cPanel & WHM)

  • 200Mhz CPU w/ 20MB RAM for Installation

  • Apache 2.4.x or 2.2.x w/ PHP

  • PCRE Lib - Auto-Installed


What about the support team?

The support team is available 24/7 to address any issues related to Apachebooster. Email address of the support team is support@apachebooster.com. Chat support is also available through the website 'apachebooster.com'.


Details of Interface seen through WHM

WHM >> Plugins >> Apache Booster will take to the home page of Apachebooster plugin installed in the server. In the home page, you can see the uptime and memory used for Nginx and Varnish.

A few other icons are also seen. The second icon is 'restart services'. One can restart Nginx, Varnish and a service called Incrond by clicking those buttons, seen through 'restart services'.

A techie can edit configuration files easily through 'Conf Editor'. 'Master Configuration Editor' will give the options to edit the configuration files of Nginx and Varnish, in the server.

Purge cache gives the option to clear the varnish cache.

The tab 'tuner' is to tune or modify the settings of Apachebooster. Inside 'Apachebooster Tuner', the first tab 'varnish tuner' helps to modify Dynamic File cache TTL, Static File cache TTL and Memory Cache. If you want to exclude any URLs from Apachebooster, you can do it through the second tab 'exclude URLs'. If you want to exclude any domains from nginx and varnish cache, you can select them through the 3rd tab 'exclude domains'.

Rebuild vhosts gives the option to rebuild nginx vhosts.

'Stats' shows the varnish cache stats. One can see Requests Per Second, Bandwidth, Cache Metrics and Traffic Metrics through this tab.

The last icon 'enable/disable' gives an easy way to enable or disable Apachebooster in the server.


What makes our plugin unique?

As compared to other similar plugins how our plugin creates a difference, and what exactly makes it a standout among the rest. The curiousity is natural, but below is the precise explanation to break the ice!

Some plugins make use of Nginx, which can enhance the application delivery, by caching the static contents. But they may not be that effective, while serving the dynamic contents. Some others take the advantage of Varnish cache, which they use for caching the website contents. Varnish visits a server once to cache the page, then all the future requests for the same page will be served by its cache. But, Varnish does not support SSL/TLS termination and hence all those websites which use Varnish and HTTPS would remain run without dynamic content caching.

Since ApacheBooster's v3.0 release, we have added SSL/TLS termination using Nginx and Varnish PROXY protocol support. This means that Nginx handles the SSL encryption/decryption and forwards the request to the Varnish service and Varnish serves the rest!

When a user accesses the site over HTTPS protocol, Nginx forwards the request to Varnish and if Varnish already has the content in its cache it immediately responds with that content. Else, Varnish requests the content from Apache (if necessary), caches it and then transfers the content to Nginx. Nginx encrypts the content and sends it to the user. This is how our plugin works and hence it is more advantageous.

  • It is fast in serving both the static and dynamic contents.

  • It makes use of encryption, which enhances security.

  • Works very well with HTTPS protocol too.




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  • Thank you guys, you've done great work.

    Added by: bennet About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have been using this for a couple of years now and It is running with no issues, getting perfect results, websites are loading fast. I am impressed. Thank you apachebooster

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