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Our rules are written with a simple but powerful philosophy "Security Is For Everyone"! Modsecurity Rules

The Internets original, oldest and largest source of web application firewall signatures, over 15,000 signatures and counting!

Modsecurity is an apache web server module that allows you to build a web application firewall and to protect your web applications. You can use modsecurity in either an integrated manner, to protect the web server and its applications, or as a proxy for other web servers – allowing you to build your own WAF at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. This module is extremely powerful, but like a word processor its useless without content -You need good rules – rules that stop bad things and allow good things.

This is where we come in, we have been writing modsecurity rules longer than anyone else on the Internet, and our rules are used by more people that all the other rulesets combined! And for good reason, our rules are written with a simple but powerful philosophy “Security Is For Everyone”.Unlike other modsecurity projects, we don’t expect you to be a security expert, thats our job – let us do the hard work for you, we’ll figure out how to keep the bad guys off your system and make sure those rules don’t interfere with your applications and users. A WAF and WAF rules should just work out the box, you shouldn’t have to tune them – and with our rules thats what we we do for you – our rules are fully supported and just work.

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