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Automate365 for cPanel is a cPanel plugin by Herolocity that allows any hosting company to offer 100+ web apps that help their customers automate their business directly in cPanel for free. Add value to your brand, decrease churn, outperform competitors and take advantage of our revenue sharing model by becoming a partner for free.

Automate365 connects every aspect of a business with their website. It’s a business operating system with more than 100+ free web apps that changes how business owners get work done. Online payments, newsletters, cloud phone system, bookkeeping, event booking, a shopping cart and much, much more.


User Benefits

- It's free for everyone: No monthly fees and no per user fees. We only collect 3% per transaction. There’s no other credit card transaction fees.

- Wide selection of Apps: Online store, appointment scheduling, invoicing, cloud phone, newsletter, HR, bookkeeping – the options are limitless.

- No third-party apps: All apps are created, maintained, supported and updated directly under the 365 platform by Herolocity.

- WOW! Factor: Get your company out of obscurity by saving business owners thousands in start-up costs with our apps.


Growth Benefits

- Revenue Sharing: Share revenue with the percentage we earn from CC transactions used by the apps.

- Increase ARPC: Break the barrier of the average revenue per client and adopt a new pricing model with the added value of Automate365.

- Outperform Competitors: Be the first to become a partner and outperform your competitors in the market with Automate365.

- Decrease Churn: Usage of the apps within cPanel ensure your churn rate decreases immediately.


Technical Benefits

- Lightweight Plugin: The cPanel plugin uses our API and all data is hosted on the 365 platform and not your cPanel server.

- Zero Maintenance: Absolutely no maintenance is required for the Automate365 cPanel plugin with interruption-free updates.

- Continuous Updates: We continuously update the cPanel plugin, 365 platform and add new features to apps with automatic interruption-free updates.

- Fully Supported: We offer support for both partners and your customers directly from within the cPanel plugin.


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About Herolocity

Herolocity is the #1 business automation platform that changes the way you get work done every day with over 100+ web apps that connect every aspect of your business and that automate the things you do every day.


User Reviews (1)

  • Awesome operating system

    Added by: Daren Lee About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    I am going to have a great experience with this Plugin. I think cPanel was missing this kind of feature since a very long time. This is no doubt going to add more value to the hosting industry and I am definitely going to be the part of it.

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