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Billia: billing and automation solution


ApiHawk Billia is a next generation billing and automation software aimed at serving the needs of telecom and hosting companies. It is a complete management system that gives you the ability to have full control over your operational processes.

ApiHawk Billia is a tailor-made solution to fit your needs. It is fully customizable with the ability to quickly add new features to the already large pool of options.


If you are running a hosting business Billia will provide you with a powerful API-based integration solution. The system provides a wide range of supported vendors and if your vendor of choice isn't on the list we can integrate it in no time. With Billia we can achieve this faster and more cost-efficiently than any other billing software on the market. ApiHawk Billia currently supports integration for:

  • cPanel
  • cMailPro
  • CM4all
  • Jelastic
  • KerioConnect
  • Kubernetes
  • Onapp
  • Plesk
  • PowerDNS
  • Resellerclub
  • sslStore
  • Virtuozzo



Billia is entirely event-based, which makes the software very flexible and reduces the need of human intervention. There are numerous automated tasks already being supplied with the system. Some of the already automated tasks include:

  • Customer creation
  • Order creation
  • Payment processing
  • Service provisioning
  • Client communication

Additionally, ApiHawk Billia comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to customize existing automation tasks as well as to create new custom tasks to automate your operations even further. Taking advantage of automation can help you reduce your costs, speedup operations, lower the risk of human errors, and improve ROI.


Billia gives you the ability to easily manage your day-to-day operations. It does not matter if you are selling web hosting, domains, consumer goods, or simply providing services. The system can accommodate all products or services and comes with integrated modules that include:

  • Order management – easy access to all orders in the system. The module gives you detailed information for each order with current status in the system, order date, client, product ordered, price recorded, and ability to manually change and modify each order.
  • Customer management – easy access to all your customers. It gives you detailed information for each customer profile, their status in the system, and their activity history including purchases made, orders and transactions, and invoices recorded.
  • Role management – allows you to easily assign role permissions for access to system functionalities to customers, guest users, and employees.
  • Automation management – powerful feature that allows you to easily modify and create new automation tasks to improve your operations.
  • Reporting – quick access to customizable reports that give you detailed overview of your stats so that you can make more informative management decisions. Pre-defined reports that come with this feature include: client reports, orders reports, products/services reports, and financial reports.
  • Support system – easily manage tickets and emails sent from your clients. Monitor their executions and customer satisfaction.


Not two business are alike and Apihawk Billia recognizes the need to be flexible enough in order to satisfy the needs of various business requirements. The system comes scalable and flexible to accommodate the dynamic alterations in business processes during their life cycle. Additionally, if the “out of the box” setup of Billia can’t satisfy your needs the system can be fully customized and tailor-made to fit your specific and unique requirements.


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  • The most flexible software in the industry

    Added by: m.nikolov About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    I would say this is the most flexible solution in the industry. It is especially designed for hosting companies and allows for easy integration and installation. Their respond quickly to any service tickets and provide knowledge base and additional information about their product. Among all the providers we have tried Billia is the one that perfectly fits our company needs. I would only recommend that they increase their knowledge base on their website so that we don't need to contact them for every question we have.

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