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Billing Automation For Small Webhosts.

Easy Installation Process.

When you launch BillingReptile for the first time, databases are created automatically, pre-filled with default contents. Then you’re redirected to Admin Area, where you can complete your setup process – fill your company details, access to your server, set prices and local settings.

Easy Management.
You will notice immediately, that BillingReptile’s interface is different – it was planned to be as friendly as possible, to help you do your work as easy and fast as possible. You’ll love it! Inside your Admin Area, you’ll notice clean list of all account on your server – it’s dynamic, doesn’t require your page to reload. You can filter it to see only active, suspended or expiring accounts.

From this list you have full access to all actions you may need to do – view user’s details, suspend/unsuspend his account or even delete it.

Easy Registration Process.
No more users leaving your order form, there is no reason to leave – it was never so easy to get a webhosting account & domain. Dynamic, nice looking order form, quick payment and your new customer is here!

Notification emails will remind your customer about you, they will get it after their order (to assure them, all is fine), and when order is processed (to let them know all important details)

When user’s account is about to expire, they will get several notification emails before. To renew account, your customer just clicks the link in email – and is redirected to quick payment page. Add SiteReptile to your offer to attract more customers – it’s probably the easiest 3-step website builder for webhosts. Each website can be upgraded to it’s PRO version (with more features like Shopping Cart, Form Builder), it’s also compatible with all templates from

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