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Transparently replicate domain names to a high-availability DNS cluster without having to run one.

Avoid DNS disasters without adding complexity! This plugin transparently syncs your domains onto the BuddyNS DNS replication cluster as you add or remove them from your WHM server.


Control your domains from cPanel & WHM only and have a full-blown, highly available DNS cluster follow to publish them in the background!

Overview & Working Details

BuddyNS is a DNS replication service: it serves your domain names on multiple fast DNS servers, and keeps them available to your clients if your primary DNS server fails.

For other benefits, see https://www.buddyns.com/services/dns-replication/.

This plugin adds and removes domains onto your BuddyNS account transparently, as you add/remove them on cPanel. When you change any DNS records, BuddyNS synchronizes these changes within seconds.

Requirements & Installation Notes

You need to be a WHM admin to install this (system-wide tool). Once installed, all domains (including from resellers & users) are replicated.

Your WHM installation needs to run on BIND, other DNS options are currently not supported.

First-timer setup takes 20 to 60 minutes based on your experience. Later setups take under 2 minutes per server. Follow the step-by-step installation guide linked above.

Security notes

This plugin operates entirely as a client, no new services are added.

The plugin adds a rule to allow BuddyNS to fetch zone data from your WHM server at your command. This is restricted by IP.

The script also adds a cron script for periodic checks of the BuddyNS account. It runs a few times a day and takes no resources.

Feedback & Support

Contact the BuddyNS support desk for any enquiry. The address is presented in the WHM plugin.

Troubleshooting & Removal

The plugin logs its own activity for troubleshooting. Plugin removal can be performed trivially with a deinstall script contained in the plugin.

Refer to the manual for details:

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