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Cpanel XP might just be the only Cpanel add-on you will ever need. Cpanel XP is for webhosting companies that only expect THE BEST and nothing less. This is not your usual Cpanel Skin. Packed with user friendly interface and powerful features, you can easily impress potential Web Hosting customers. This hosting market is saturated. When thousands of webhosts out there are offering the default skin, you can differentiate yourself and make the decision for potential customers an easy one. With Cpanel XP they are going to choose you! Why make it hard for them and yourself?

Differentiate your company
Thousands of webhosts out there are offering the default cpanel skin. Your company will present itself as an established company with Cpanel XP . Get Cpanel XP and see your signup rate skyrocket! Do you want to lead or to follow? We are the first to enable direct login from Whois.Cart , we are the first to integrate modernbill login to Cpanel, we are the first to enable theme changing from third party skin to the default x skin, we are the first to offer automatic inbuilt Fantastico skin, we are the first to implement tooltips to help end user familiarize themselves with Cpanel’s function, we can go on and on… get the idea. With Cpanel XP , your hosting is always the first, you are always ahead. If by any chance you would like to be followers just like the thousands of other Cpanel webhosts who stayed with play-it-safe default solutions, Cpanel XP might not be for you, please leave this page. We do not want you to waste your time. If you are serious about Cpanel webhosting, Cpanel XP will definitely be a value added asset to your company.

Increase your market share
Don’t limit your client base to only English speaking customers. With our Multilingual cpanel skin, you can acquire customers from various different countries. Imagine having additional customers from Brazil, Italy, Portual, Indonesia, Malaysia, France and Russia, etc…
Our customers has already reported the increase in signups from non-English speaking countries! You can do the same!

Alleviate Customer Support Burden
More than 50% of the customer support questions can be avoided. Our Multilingual Flash tutorials will show your customers how to accomplish tasks visually.
Multilingual feature also decrease customer support tickets by helping customers with language problems understand their control panel better.

Synergistic Integration increases the efficiency of your business
If you are in the business long enough, you will appreciate the value of integration.

Features such as SSH/Telnet can be turned off to avoid pranks and activities that can harm your server. Avoid other Cpanel skins out there that has no Feature Manager support !

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