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Email is an integral part of daily online life. In 2018, the number of global email users amounted to 3.8 billion, and in 2023, it is estimated to grow to 4.4 billion users. CrossBox helps Web Hosts, MSPs, ISPs, and Telcos overcome this challenge by equipping their users with a modern, real-time, and intuitive all-in-one communication suite. 

CrossBox Suite

Easy to Use
Intuitive, real-time web and mobile apps.

Exceptional User Experience Across All Devices.
Built to provide users with a seamless experience on any device.

Desktop & Laptop
Web-version is available through Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and other modern web browsers.

Smartphone & Tablet
Android and iOS versions are available through the appropriate App stores. 

25 languages
Worldwide locale support.

Built with GDPR and privacy compliances in mind.

Simple Licensing
Per-server monthly licensing that includes unlimited domains and accounts.

Easy to Deploy
You can be up and running in days, not months.

Empower Your Brand
Start offering CrossBox under a custom App name, logo, and a color scheme. Includes white-labeled web and Android/iOS versions. 

Highly Scalable
Just add more servers to your CrossBox Cluster.

CrossBox Cluster
When you have more than one cPanel server, CrossBox Cluster comes in handy. It helps you create a smart platform with a single IMAP/POP3/SMTP/CrossBox entry point for everyone. Instead of handing out different mail hostnames and webmail URLs for each server, you can have just one (ex: In effect, this makes accessing emails and first setups much more convenient and straightforward for the customer.

Support Included
Free 24x7 support by telephone, email and live chat.

Drop-in cPanel Integration

Webmail and cPanel UI
Users can access CrossBox through cPanel's Webmail system. For easier accessibility, a shortcut is also placed in the Software section of the user's cPanel interface.

Mailbox Format Support
Both Maildir and MDBOX are fully supported.

E-mail Auto-Login
cPanel's <Access Webmail> option that features passwordless auto-login is fully supported.

E-mail, Disk, MySQL and Bandwidth Quotas Support
Everything that users store within CrossBox is counted against their cPanel hosting package quotas.

Password Change Syncing
When a user changes its e-mail password via cPanel, user's CrossBox password is also changed, and vice versa.

Hosting Account Suspension
When a cPanel hosting account is suspended, CrossBox users of that hosting account are also suspended and automatically logged out of the application.

Email Account Suspension
When a cPanel email account is suspended, CrossBox for that email address is also suspended and the user automatically logged out of the application.

Hosting Account Termination
When a hosting account gets terminated, CrossBox for that account is also deleted, including users' CrossBox data.

Done automatically by cPanel's native Backup System. You can also use any other backup solution for cPanel and it will work out of the box.

WHM Feature Manager
After the installation, CrossBox is available as an option in WHM's feature list. This gives you total control over who has access to CrossBox. For example, you may enable it for everyone or only for customers that use a more expensive hosting package.

Full compatibility with software commonly found on a cPanel server:

Apache Solr
Firewalls (CSF, Firewalld)
CloudLinux and CageFS

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