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Dedicated Redis instances for Casual cPanel Users

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The cPanel Redis Plugin is a feature-rich software product built by UNIXy, a fully managed server company, that enables owners of cPanel WHM servers to install, control, and manage the Redis service from the comfort of their cPanel WHM interface. The plugin includes several features that go beyond the installation of Redis 4. We have engineered the most stable, reliable, and secure implementation in the market.

User Reviews (2)

  • Bad experience

    Added by: monarobase About 2 years ago

    Overall rating

    We purchased the « opensource » version of this plugin. However when we requested the source code for the parts that weren’t opensource (most of it) they said they would ask their devs but they then started ghosting us. We tried contacting them through different means and haven’t managed to get a response. The most annoying part is when they repeatedly close support tickets without answering.

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  • Disapointing

    Added by: Marcus About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    We've tried this addon and, unfortunately it didn't fit our needs. The problem that we've faced were: 1) impossible to use it in a clustered environment (the IP bind is done on the localhost) 2) no possibility to optimize each redis servers (i.e. disabling backups) 3) no possibility to configure redis properly (i.e. setting up the RAM limitation or backups if needed) Still, one of the biggest pain was the confusing marketing done within the addon... Why pushing for their own (Unixy) products within the cPanel (client area)? And there is no way of disabling it. We've contacted them regarding those issues. Following a refund request, they started ghosting - which is a shame. So we had to check our options and we finally went the WHMCS way for managing customers REDIS servers (it took us about 4 hours in order to develop our own extension).

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