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DeployMail is a webmail management suite for WHM/cPanel.

DeployMail, The WHM cPanel Webmail Plugin

Good news! We’ve finally finished DeployMail! Now if you’re sitting there wondering, what in the world is DeployMail and what good is it to me? Let me break it down for you:

How DeployMail can help you run a great webmail system for your customers:

  • Add many beautiful webmail themes and skins
  • Enable/Disable plugins and themes per customer
  • Brand and customise your webmail logos per customer account
  • Resell webmail services
  • Add mobile webmail support
  • All the power and beauty of our Ensignia webmail for all your cPanel customers

DeployMail saves you, the administrator, precious time:

  • One click updates and upgrades
  • Works out of the box and is automatically added to the cPanel webmail list.
  • Administrate all your webmail settings from one place
  • No editing config files. It can all be done within your WHM
  • Customise each setting per user account or set the defaults for all users
  • Keep track of your account and license with a full account overview
  • Quick and easy installation

All this can be accomplished within the online interface, plugged right into your WHM so you don’t have to go anywhere else it’s all there in the DeployMail plugin.

We hope you find it useful. We appreciate all your feeback which helps us serve you even better.

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