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Engintron for cPanel/WHM is the easiest way to integrate Nginx on your cPanel/WHM server. Engintron will improve the performance & web serving capacity of your server, while reducing CPU/RAM load at the same time. It does that by installing & configuring the popular Nginx webserver to act as a reverse caching proxy for static files (like CSS, JS, images etc.) with an additional micro-cache layer to significantly improve performance of dynamic content generated by CMSs like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as well as forum software like vBulletin, phpBB, SMF or e-commerce solutions like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and others.



Nginx® is a powerful open source web server that was built to scale websites to millions of visitors. cPanel® is the leading hosting control panel worldwide.

Engintron integrates Nginx into cPanel so you can enjoy amazing performance for your sites, without having to sacrifice important hosting features found in cPanel.

And best of all? Engintron is totally free to use!



cPanel uses the Apache webserver to serve websites by default. Apache however is not known to perform well under heavy web traffic (especially traffic spikes) and it's also CPU/RAM hungry. So how can you mitigate these issues? The answer is simple: by deploying Nginx, another popular web server software, in front of Apache. Nginx acts as a web traffic proxy, directly serving all static assets like CSS, JS, images etc. by default, instead of Apache. This drops significantly the CPU/RAM resources consumed by Apache, leaving your server with more available resources for other tasks or, better still, with room for more websites to host.

The way Engintron sets up Nginx inside your cPanel is a lot like how the popular CloudFlare CDN works. Nginx (like CloudFlare) directly serves all static content like CSS, JS, images etc. instead of your actual web server, thus lowering the load on your cPanel server. But unlike CloudFlare which requires that all your domains are set up with that service, you do everything inside your cPanel server. And better still? You also have an additional caching layer for when your traffic spikes, not just on one website, but entirely for your server. This additional caching layer is referred to as a "micro cache" and it only caches GET & HEAD requests (never POST requests) which means that it is possible to use it on any type of website, either a small dynamic Joomla corporate website or WordPress blog to a more complex news portal or forum or e-commerce website, that requires users to log in and handle personalized content or even generate content. Engintron's 1 second "micro cache" solution setup with Nginx is therefore ideal for any type of website and it can raise the number of concurrent requests served by your cPanel server from a few hundred per second (using just Apache) to thousands (using Nginx in front of Apache).

Not only will your serving capacity increase, but the load on your server will also significantly drop :)

If you are facing performance issues with your cPanel server, Engintron is your go-to solution. And in fact it's really a "set & forget" solution as you'll set it up once and then it will just run on your server without any additional maintenance on your side.

If you can sign up for a cPanel/WHM server on any hosting company and work your way through WHM, then setting up Engintron should be a piece of cake for you. If you don't manage your cPanel server, then you can always (kindly) ask your hosting company or system administrator to have a look at Engintron and deploy it on your cPanel server. It really only takes a few minutes and there is zero configuration afterwards to get the standard optimizations offered by Nginx.



There are 10 key differences when comparing Engintron with other Nginx installers for cPanel.

First and foremost, caching actually works with Engintron. It works as it should and it works universally. You install it and ALL your cPanel websites will get accelerated, even the slowest ones. Not only that, your serving capacity will increase tremendously. Simple Apache Benchmark (ab) tests reveal a phenomenal increase in concurrent requests served per second, from just 3-300 in Apache to 15,000-20,000 or even more using Nginx via Engintron. It's our carefully crafted Nginx proxy configuration that does all the magic. And it requires literally almost zero maintenance.

Second, Engintron is a single shell script (weighing only a few KBs) that installs all required software (to make Nginx work as intended) from the official software package vendors' repositories. Both installation and updates are very fast (they take only a few seconds).

Third, since we're using the official repositories for Nginx, all Engintron software is updated whenever cPanel (or the server's software) is updated. So you essentially set it and forget it. Whenever you perform "yum update" or "dnf update" from the terminal or upgrade the server's software from within WHM, Nginx will be updated if a new release is available. If something is changed on Engintron and you need to re-install it or a new version of Engintron is released, you simply install it on top of the previous installation, either from the terminal or using the Engintron WHM app. You don't need to uninstall it first like other Nginx plugins for cPanel require you to do so before upgrading!

Fourth, you can safely uninstall Engintron and it will revert your entire system to how it was before you installed Engintron. Simple as that. Which means you can try Engintron and if you don't like it or you find it doesn't fit your needs, you can simply uninstall it. Your system will revert to how it was before. Period.

Fifth, it has an amazingly simple yet practical app dashboard inside WHM with all the basic controls for Nginx, Apache, MySQL, the option to edit all important configuration files for these services and even some handy utilities that make Engintron the dashboard in cPanel for your day-to-day sysadmin tasks. Think of it as your cPanel server's mission control. And did we mention you can easily update Engintron from within WHM? Yeap! You even get update notifications when a new version is available.

Sixth, it's CloudFlare friendly. Because both CloudFlare and Engintron use Nginx as a reverse caching proxy, unless we configure Nginx in cPanel to properly act as the secondary proxy (after CloudFlare of course), chances are that CloudFlare will freak out and serve your sites with 10xx errors. So, if you have any domains hosted on your cPanel server that use CloudFlare for their CDN, you just set your server IPs inside your "custom_rules" Nginx configuration file (the file is commented for your help) and just restart Nginx for the changes to take effect. All this is done entirely inside WHM of course.

Seventh, it doesn't require manual Nginx/Apache vhost synchronization when adding new domains via cPanel. That's why you essentially "set it and forget it". Have a look at the other Nginx plugins for cPanel... 'Nough said ;)

Eighth, Engintron allows for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic to flow through Nginx entirely, as of version 1.8.0.

Ninth, Engintron is 100% open source. You can easily examine its code here on GitHub, tear it apart, customize it, fork it, knife it or contribute back to its development. Do whatever you want with it :)

And finally, Engintron (which was originally launched in April 2014) is nowadays a mature project, one of the most popular cPanel plugins and the defacto Nginx installer for cPanel. It is by far the most reviewed plugin on the cPanel Applications Directory and the cPanel plugin/addon with most stars on GitHub. According to simplified analytics from the Engintron WHM app (added in February 2016), it is actively used by dozens of thousands of sysadmins in 150+ countries around the world. According to BuiltWith, more than 300,000 sites worldwide are powered by Engintron optimized cPanel servers. BuiltWith also reports around 1,5 million sites powered by cPanel. In other words, 1 in 5 cPanel servers worldwide has Engintron installed. The actual numbers may differ of course, but statistically speaking, it's an interesting fact nevertheless...



Our GitHub repo is always up to date with the latest information on installing Engintron. Please have a look here: https://github.com/engintron/engintron#ok-im-sold-how-do-i-install-engintron-on-my-cpanel-server



More here: https://engintron.com/docs/#/pages/faq



For more information regarding setup, configuration or uninstallation, as well as other cPanel optimization tips, please visit the project's Wiki pages at: https://engintron.com/docs



Please post your feedback and any issues or feature requests/suggestions in the project's issue tracker at: https://github.com/engintron/engintron/issues

If you use Engintron, please take a moment to post a rating and/or review here in the cPanel Applications Directory.



Full release changelog available on Github: https://engintron.com/docs/#/pages/Changelog



Engintron is released under the GNU/GPL license. For more info, have a look here: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

User Reviews (36)

  • Best Nginx Reverse Proxy Plugin for cPanel

    Added by: tony_kurian About 2 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have been using it since past three months. I had do a little config changes to make it work with cloudflare but overall it's excellent.

    Was this review helpful?

  • great addon for cpanel web host

    Added by: sibony88 About 2 years ago

    Overall rating

    Works perfectly! easy to install, work great on cPanel!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Really great plugin

    Added by: cloudmatrix About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    I am really grateful to the developers of Engintron. My WordPress sites performance have been greatly increased, with very little effort. This has added alot of value to my customers. I am going to be donating to the continued increase of this plugin. Thanks guys.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Best Nginx for cPanel

    Added by: bellafronte About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Works perfectly! By far the best Nginx for cPanel!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Fantastic plugin, Awesome support

    Added by: p11lol About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Works great out of the box and does exactly what it says. The support is fantastic, very patience and answered all my questions and even more. Thank you !

    Was this review helpful?

  • Great plugin, fantastic support

    Added by: Darkey About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Great plugin for server optimization. I must say that after almost 10 years my best days for server performance + google indexing and most of all making money are when im using this fantastic easy to use plugin. It really shows that people behind it are real professionals and know their stuff. Works great out of the box and does real magic for your server.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Excellent

    Added by: zstergios About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    With some extra configuration to CENTOS/FPM/MYSQL and on micro caching time on NGINX server can reach many more visitors with less server load

    Was this review helpful?

  • Robust and configurable

    Added by: Urbaman About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Used it for two years now, and it's easy and robust at the same time. Had to twist something to adapt it to my likings, but it has been easy and working perfectly.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Amazing Plugin

    Added by: diegovieira About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Been using it for a couple of years now without any issues. This should definitively be part of cPanel core.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Just great!

    Added by: sla004 About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Installation was done in few minutes and everything was working from the start. I didn't need to do anything and now sites are serving customers very quickly. I'm very impressed!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Awesome product, awesome support.

    Added by: sparkedrob About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    These guys have made it easy to get the benefits of nginx caching without the headaches faced with the other solutions. They also offer FANTASTIC (paid) support. I really can't complain about any aspect of their offerings. Great work!

    Was this review helpful?

  • This really shouldn't be free!

    Added by: rallisf1 About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have managed to lower by VPS load by 60% and increase website performance by 130% on average (30 websites, mostly Wordpress/Joomla/Opencart). It used to have some issues with autoSSL but they were all resolved. I am really happy with this solution and I totally recommend it to everyone. I would like the option to have clear/disable cache buttons in each account's cPanel but since I am not reselling, it is not an issue for me.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Works out of the box

    Added by: how2.be About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    Does what it says, you install it and it starts working immediately (despite lots of changes that are needed in the background). You can also disable it (temporarily) if needed. The documentation is clear and examples are provided, e.g. for when some accounts are on CloudFlare.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Runs like a charm

    Added by: markan About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    I must say that the installation and the configuration was a breeze. He even supported me through my numerous questions and went above and beyond. Engintron is a great asset to have if you want to run cPanel with Nginx, getting the best of two worlds! cPanel couldn't bring this to life with Nginx but Engintron, compared to everything else out there, made it happen. I really appreciate the work that went into this, plus keeping it up to date with changes. Unlike others out there who charges an arm and leg, there was no additional cost. Now that's someone who has passion in what they're doing and it transpires in his work. In the industry like ours, we should support more people like Engintron to continue bringing great innovations to push the envelope where no one else has.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Does what it says on the box

    Added by: ElviCities About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    Engintron is truly the best nginx solution for cpanel/whm based servers. Most (if not all!) of the negative reviews left here boil down to user error and not a problem with the software. I've been using Engintron now since it has come out, and everything - from installation to upgrades has been painless. If bugs do show up, the creator keeps things very transparent with a bug-tracker which he is very active in. For a free software, he doesn't have to do this - but he does. That is another key reason I choose engintron.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Just installed, and seems to really speed up overall webserver accesses

    Added by: RobinF About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have installed this App on two of my cPanel (VPS) servers and both have improved http access speeds following activation. Nginx works as a proxy server to httpd, reducing the actual Apache calls, and allowing Nginx to field most of the static requests, unless a new (dynamic) request is required - which is then passed to apache. Very easy installation process, with no problems. It does take a few minutes to work through the automated install, but all works ok. Good result IMO.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Personal Experience

    Added by: snake_eyes About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    Hello, I've installed it on 2 of my servers, it really very nice and reduced the load of the server and really advanced more than the cpnginx. after 2 hours uninstalled back to the normal apache server because I noticed that there is no compatibility with Mysql (MariaDB 10.1) and all SSL Sites goes down giving blank page. I hope they fix the 2 issues mentioned above.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Absolutely Super!!

    Added by: inspedium About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    Marvelous project. Extremely well done!!!!!!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Absolutely Incredible Software and Incredible Support

    Added by: brixly About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    We have been using Engintron as a replacement to cpnginx (where we had a huge number of issues relating to outdated nginx versions, constant 'default pages' on customer sites and a huge list of other problems) - since changing to Engintron our servers are more stable than they have been for 4 years. We did have a small issue, which we thought was related to the Engintron configuration - I contacted the developer for paid support and he went well beyond his duty to assist us. It turned out to be an issue completely unrelated to the plugin, but with RAM consumption. Our CPU and RAM usage were already low for servers running close to 1000 sites, however after he had optimised one of our servers we seen a huge decrease in RAM and CPU consumption - Our load average since the changes have been between 1 - 3 which is incredible given the number of customers. Ever grateful for an impeccable platform - a huge thank you from the team at Brixly - https://brixly.uk

    Was this review helpful?

  • happy user from 1.5 years

    Added by: raghuveerd About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    when moving from CentOS6 to CentOS 7, I am really worried about finding a way to continue using Nginx in Reverse Proxy role on CPanel/WHM managed Servers, and in my quest for an alternative to NginxCP, I did try some other plugin, and as that turned out to be a disastrous attempt, one of our server admin suggested Engintron, and from Feb 2016, we started using Engintron to manage Nginx as Reverse Proxy. From March 2017, we are using Let'sEncrypt based SSL Certificates, those that are managed by CPanel and Engintron. Overall, a good experience, thank you

    Was this review helpful?

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