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Take Complete Backup of your Website and MySQL Database.

If you’re depending upon your web hosting provider to back up your web site, you are headed toward a day of reckoning that is going to send your on-line business crashing to the floor and leave you wondering what happened!

Web servers are just like PC’s — It’s not a matter of IF they will crash; it’s a matter of WHEN.

Your on-line business WILL disappear one day when you least expect it UNLESS you take action to protect yourself right now.

You’re just FIVE minutes away from learning how to protect yourself from losing everything you’ve put into building your website. Read this page carefully.

The FIVE minutes or so you spend will be worth a fortune to you when the worst eventually happens.

Here’s the fastest and easiest way to protect your website investment from disappearing the next time your web host’s server crashes:

Your host is not responsible…YOU ARE!

Simply use the included self-installer to get HTB Backup Tool installed in minutes. Then choose the website that you want backed up; the backup schedule; and the backup folder. That’s it! You’re done and you’ll never have to worry about losing everything you worked so hard to build again!

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