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Halon Security’s anti-spam end-user interface

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Allows end-user customers to manage their Halon anti-spam history, quarantine, black-/whitelist, etc.

Halon Security develops an e-mail security and anti-spam appliance, specifically designed to fit the demanding needs of hosting providers. Administrators and read-only support personnel can use its standard, built-in web administration interface. End-users however, probably need something simpler, while still being able to control their own messages in the system in a controlled manner. For that, we have an open source end-user web interface on GitHub. It can be found on https://github.com/halonsecurity/sp-enduser and be used either as it is, modified to fit your needs, or only used as inspiration for your own code.

This cPanel plugin is integrated with that end-user interface by automatically logging in users with the correct permissions.

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