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Italy is known as a powerhouse in furniture design. Bringing the country’s world-renowned class and elegance to the United States is what’s at the core of Interni Cucina — a Florida-headquartered company that offers luxury Italian cabinets, closets, and wardrobes.

INTERNI kitchens and INTERNI bathrooms and closets are 100% made in Italy. As a proud member of the National Kitchen+Bath Association, the brand is the best name to rely on if you want to add a dash of sophistication to your own space.

All The Right Recipes For A Functional Kitchen

As delicate as how Italian dishes are made, the company designs kitchen furniture with functionality in mind while keeping the European flair for beautiful textures and meticulous finishes.

Interni kitchens inherently bear the fundamental elements of a great design, which is anchored in simplicity, efficiency, and comfort. But what makes them a standout is their clever incorporation of visual details that blend Italy’s cooking tradition and culture with modern style and technology. The result is a catalog of furniture looks and layouts that reflect the essence of what kitchens should be: The heart of the home where meals and memories are created and shared.

A Refined Taste For Bathroom Furniture Design

Apart from kitchen furniture and cabinetry, Interni also takes pride in another flagship offering — the Interni bathrooms and closets.

Its whole inventory is a reinterpretation of classic European materials and geometries. Injecting contemporary styles and employing new technological possibilities, the company’s take on bathroom furniture and closets celebrate modernism without losing the sacredness of this space; the company believes that bathrooms should first and foremost be a place where people can find sanctuary and be able to rejuvenate.

The Interni Cucina Tradition

All Interni kitchens and Interni bathrooms and closets are crafted and manufactured in line with the core values and traditions of the company.

Commitment to excellence. From the creation of detailed shop drawings to ensure that all products are thoroughly tested and made to last, Interni Cucina seals every phase of every single work with excellence. They adhere to strict European regulations and design standards all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Keen attention to the needs of the market. The goal of Interni Cucina is to provide ultimate satisfaction to their clients — whether they are involved in retail or contractor projects. They work hand in hand with their customers to offer furniture solutions tailored to fit whatever the demands may be.

Synergy with partners. The company also takes pride in its wide network of architects, furniture designers, craftsmen, and manufacturers. As they value the importance of collaboration, they strive to maintain good relationships with their partners for them to be able to uphold their commitment to providing top-tier products to the American market.

Care for the environment. Interni Cucina also puts sustainability in high esteem. Not only are they meticulous about the quality of materials they use, but they also guarantee that their products — and the way they are manufactured — leave a minimal impact on the environment.

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