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A system all-in-one for managing your hosting company - Integration with cPanel & WHM.

A system all-in-one for managing your hosting company

  • Integration with hosting panels.
  • Integration with panels of domains.
  • Integration with payment gateways.

WEB SITE BUILDER (free): This module allows you to create a complete website integrated with the billing system (a single web address for everything).

BILLING SYSTEM($ 7.00 per month): This module is the heart of INVOHOST, the core that handles the accounts of its customers, sending billing reminders , allowing clients know their account statements at any time, make payments, and countless other functions.

SUPPORT TICKETS (FREE): This module manages requests for support (ticket) of its customers. They can open tickets 3 ways:

1. Accessing your account on the system and then open a ticket (the customer is identified)
2. Without opening a ticket to enter the account (guest ticket)
3. Send an email to the email address associated with a department. The ticket enters the system as a guest ticket and can be answered from both the system and through email directly.

CONTACT (FREE): This module allows your site visitors to contact your company. INVOHOST opens a ticket for each visit to allow monitoring.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FREE): All Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) organized into categories and subcategories.

ANNOUNCEMENTS (FREE): Post announcments for your visitors. You have the option to view them directly from this module or have given notice to appear at the top of every page.

DOWNLOADS (FREE): You can attach files to be downloaded by visitors to your website.

SHOPPING CART: (requires module BILLING) Through this module, visitors to your site can purchase their products. Accepts requests for purchase directly from your website through the file order.php

MANUAL (FREE): Organize information about a product using this module. Supports multiple manual chapters and pages.

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