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Recall the lyrics "Whats Going On"

A good question considering all that is going on now, from pandemic to important racial situations, floods, poverty, big business and big government, child abuse and a whole lot more uncertainties. But wait there just might be hope for humanity despite the random appearance.

There is still hope and the Native ways just might be a fix for our planet and the People that live on planet Earth together. "A change has got to come" Leonard J. Mountain Chief deceased elder of the Blackfeet tribe in Northwest Montana. Leonard, a teacher of the Native way always believed there is hope for our plant and the People. His belief was always "WORKING TO CHANGE CONDITIONS ON PLANET EARTH FOR THE BETTER.

As Leonard was the mentor and teacher for all those that would listen and adhere to his teachings.

Jay north, a follower of Leonard. J Mountain Chief and the Native way, wrote a book about Leonard and his teachings titled, Open spaces my life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief

An eye opening dissertation and story of his mentorship, a guide for saving the plant, teachings of the old ways and hope.

Jay North wishes to relate these stories in hopes of changing the direction that humanity is headed for.

People that wish to read his messages and stories can find the book Open spaces, at One Globe Press, that is Lets all do our part to help save the planet for the better before we run out of time. The children deserve our support and new found knowledge


interviews welcome

Press and media can contact Jay North at

Jay North
po box 1211 OJAI Ca 93024

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