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Fastest Growing cPanel Backup Software!

  • Create UNLIMITED backup jobs & destinations
  • Multiple supported destinations including: Local, Remote SSH, Amazon S3, Google Drive, BackBlaze & Dropbox
  • Create multiple schedules per backup job that run incrementally to save disk space
  • Native CloudLinux Support to save IO/ CPU.
  • Self-service GUI for cPanel users to restore their own account files. 
  • Custom Hooks - add pre/post hooks to any JetBackup function. 
  • Hybrid Backups - Allows you to select any of the following to be backed up: full account, directories/files, email, database, cron jobs, SSL certificates, and more.
  • Smart Account Filters allowing you to include or exclude accounts inside a backup job based on disk space/inode usage, suspended accounts, reseller accounts, cPanel package type, etc.
  • Full RESTful API - Allowing you to run any function from the CLI.
  • Pair with JetBackup WHMCS module to sell backup services to your clients!
  • Disaster Recovery Clone Jobs - recurring AND incremental cPanel account migration to another cPanel server.

For a full list of features, screenshots, and demos please click on the link below:

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User Reviews (6)

  • Root access required for support, Trial worked. Upgraded, locked out.

    Added by: novahost About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    a not so great experience with jetbackup. Signed up for the trial - Super happy. Trial expired, upgraded license. Refreshed jetbackup? Oh license issue. Correct ip. Reset license via jetcli, reinstalled x2, reissued license x2. Support requires root server access, uhhh what? Literally no troubleshooting documentation except for restoration process. So if you have a license issue, your literally stuck with little help unless you give up root access to god knows who? Im sure there is many out there who wouldn't care who logs into your server, but if you care about your clients and hold liability on what happens on your server you would not give a backup software company root access to your server for support... Conclusion; Jetbackup needs some work on licensing issues, diagnosing licensing issues and further self-checks resolving such problems. There is many who have had the same issue, recurring - evidence in their forums. Work on your support method - Asking for root access to peoples server, when your a backup software company isn't ideal. Not impressed, wasted a huge amount of our staff time and won't be looking back at jetbackups for a while. I consider anyone looking for a full comprehensive backup product to do your research into WHAT access these companies require to your servers to support their product.

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  • Perfect Solution for backing up my vps

    Added by: cwgregory About 4 years ago

    Overall rating

    I wasn't happy with the built-in backups or with other addons I tried. JetBackup lets me select multiple destinations, use a mix of full and incremental backups, allow my cpanel users to backup and restore... It's exactly what I needed. Been using it for about a year now and couldn't be happier.

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  • awful - to be avoided at all costs

    Added by: nekkio99 About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    I have worked as a professional web designer for 18 years. I have seen poor software and poor support before, but this is unbeliavable. These people are not fit to run a business. They have been literally making a mockery out of the whole thing and wasting tons of my time. When I cancelled at the end I was told to please stay, because now they would fix it 100%. Oh really, and what were they doing before: just having fun pretending to be doing something about it, but in reality if was just a joke? AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE: THIS IS AWFUL

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  • JetBackup- The advanced backup manager for cPanel

    Added by: joefaradis About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    Best backup software with nice design and easy to install & saves lots of it jetapps!

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  • Backups My Way!

    Added by: tmhkick01 About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    JetBackup allows me to customize so many different backup settings. Absolutely love it! :)

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  • Top notch

    Added by: yamaharr1 About 6 years ago

    Overall rating

    I was using CodeGuard for a while but they offered no support and actually costed me a lot of money because of their poor support, so I went looking for alternatives and I tried almost all of the backup scripts. After using a bunch of them I found JBM to be a step above them all but where they really outperformed was in the support. They addressed any issues and confusion on my part, once you take a little time to learn their app it is one powerful backup app, it has saved me a lot of money over CodeGuard in the short and long term. Diffident top notch app and support.

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