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MORBiZ has launched a new Video WebStar feature that allows business owners to send out video emails. This offers a brand new platform for businesses to communicate with current, former and past customers who have provided their email address. Video emails offer several advantages over text newsletters. These include the amount of time a business will save on crafting emails, the amount of opens the email will receive, and ultimately an improved conversion rate.

What is a video email?
MORBiZ’s new video email platform allows users to send a prerecorded video that is under 1:30 minutes to their desired email list. In the email, receivers will see a preview of the video and be provided a link to the full content. Video email is great for quickly catching people’s attention (we all know how hard that is today!) and helping people get to know you as a local business owner or marketer. Of course, you can always think bigger. What local talent could star in your video email?

Benefits of Video Email
There are many benefits of using video email to connect with your customers, but as mentioned above, a few of the primary ones are saving time, getting more opens and boosting conversion rates.

Save Time - With video email, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect template, the right graphics or spending hours on copy and editing. If you know what you want to say, now you can do so directly. Speak from a script or from the heart!

More Email Opens - Video has proven to be an incredibly engaging tool for many forms of online entertainment and marketing. When people read a subject line that says something like, "New Video Message from (Your Business)" they’re much more likely to open compared to another thing they have to read.

Increase Conversions - Getting people to open your emails is the first battle, but converting them to website visitors and potential buyers is always the next fight. It becomes much easier once your engagement numbers spike and your video ushers them right to your homepage.

The MORBiZ Video WebStar email platform is perfect for all types of businesses. It’s never been more important to offer thoughtful, straightforward communication for those who rely on your business, and video email makes it easy to do just that. To see an demo or to learn more about video email marketing from MORBiZ, give our team a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ or use this handy contact form and we will be in touch. Our team of Internet marketing professionals looks forward to working with you to build your small business’ web presence.

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