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MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel (Spam Protection)

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Spam Protection done right! Simple to Install, Simple to use, Unlimted Users and Domains.

MagicSpam PRO is now available for WHM/cPanel. This it the ultimate spam protection for the hosting service provider (HSP), a native spam protection module that just drops in to your WHM server. The WHM owner has the ability to set default email delivery policies, rate limiters, and see statistics, logs, and other management tools, but even better..

This module allows you to office spam protection to your cPanel packages so that your customers can manage their own spam settings for their accounts and domains.

And there is no need to change MX records, configurations, or settings to make it work. MagicSpam works right at the SMTP level to protect your server from spam at the edge, before consuming the resources. And it is licensed for Unlimited Users, Unlimited Domains.

Your customers have their own control panel, and by giving them their own real time statistics screens, they will know it is working. For one low monthly price, you can either provide it to your customers, or use it as an upsell and increase your average return per customer (ARPC)

Simple to Use, Simple to upsell, one flat fee, plus gives the added benifit of lowering overhead, bandwidth and backscatter, making for better performing servers, and a cleaner datacenter.

For Hosting Providers, please feel free to ask about our reseller programs.

User Reviews (2)

  • Amazing customization, awesome results!

    Added by: prowebsecure About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    MagicSpam has been an excellent choice for my email server spam suppression needs. The fact that I can tailor the settings for each client makes email delivery from mission critical clients flawless. I utilize the logging features daily and many times they have pointed me to a larger issue, like a compromised password. Within minutes I can identify and resolve issues that come up. Quick adjustments and newsletter emails, and service email notifications get through with virtually no false positives. My clients love it!

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  • Best Spam Protection at a Great Price ... inclusive.

    Added by: BobS0221 About 7 years ago

    Overall rating

    I installed MagicSpam Pro on our vps server because of the flood spam that was coming into our client's email. My personal email was receiving approximately over 125 spam emails a day. After we installed MagicSpam, our spam has virtually been eliminated and server loads have significantly decreased. Customer support is outstanding. As things sometime go, we didn't install the plugin correctly (our fault) and the support team went above and beyond to help me get this corrected. Spam drives me nuts. This plugin has all sorts of options and levels for blocking spam to the client's specifications. And should a spammy IP Address somehow filter through, they want to know about it so that they can quickly resolve the issue. There are many options for Spam protection, most requiring you to change MX Records. With MagicSpam, installation is easy and does not require you to change any records. Everything is handled on site. And one price covers it all, no matter how many email accounts are on the server. Can't say enough good things about this WHM/cPanel Plugin. It is worth a try.

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