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The best anti-spam for your mail server.

MagicSpam is an anti-spam product designed for specific email server solutions to target spam and remove it before it gets in your inbox. This particular release integrates directly with cPanel WHM to offer a simple to install and easy to use layer of Spam Protection for all of your hosted mailboxes.

This technology is much better than Spam filtering alone. Not only do you get the protection of MagicSpam, but since this occurs in the SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA) you also reduce backscatter problems that occur when your filters try to bounce messages to forged email addresses. By blocking instead of filtering you also reduce the overhead needed by your email filters during large spam attacks. As well you receive updates several times a day, to provide a more Zero Day prevention against new attackers, whether they be Spam or Dictionary Attacks.

No Need to change MX records, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Domains!  All for only pennies per month.  Full GUI, Statistics, Logging and much more. 

Simple to Use, Simple to Install



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