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The MailChannels cPanel® plugin helps hosting providers provision and manage filtering of inbound and outbound email through MailChannels cloud services.


Email security and deliverability

MailChannels is a cloud-based email security solution designed with service providers in mind, protecting more than 700 web hosting providers worldwide. Providing both inbound and outbound email protection for cPanel web hosting servers, MailChannels enables you to build monthly recurring revenue by offering a premium spam filtering service to your customer base.


Benefits to Hosting Providers​

  • More Business Growth – Build monthly recurring revenue for your business by creating a bundled service offering that secures your customer email and ensures reliable email delivery for your network.
  • Industry-leading Email Protection – MailChannels provides email security solutions for both inbound and outbound spam filtering. Both solutions are 100% cloud-based with near-perfect service availability.
  • Customer Support – MailChannels offers fast, 24x7 email support with an average response time of less than 30 minutes. Our Support Team, detailed documentation, and help articles will help you follow best practices to get started with MailChannels and scale your business properly.
  • Integrate in Minutes – The MailChannels cPanel plugin allows you to deploy MailChannels to thousands of domains quickly. Detailed documentation and step-by-step checklists make it easy to add MailChannels to your value-added offerings.
  • Robust Management Tools – Manage domains, subscriptions, and view protection statuses directly from the WHM admin interface. Domains can be set to automatic provisioning operations as they are added or removed from cPanel.
  • 100% Cloud – MailChannels requires no hardware or software to install and maintain. Our globally distributed footprint and massive scale eliminates the potential for denial of service outages.

MailChannels plugin for cPanel
The plugin takes less than 5 minutes to install on your cPanel server and allows all of your shared hosting customers to enable MailChannels in just a few clicks.

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