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How can you add value to your hosting offering? With MarketGoo, a SaaS solution that guides your users through SEO activities and Website Marketing Audits that generate personalised, actionable and easy to implement recommendations.  They get a free trial, excellent customer support, and we make sure they get through the initial stages of SEO and website marketing, as well as maintain their sites friendly to search engines and visitors. Need to convince the just how important optimising their site is? You can also have them run a Free Website Report of their site which gives them an SEO and website marketing overview of what they’re doing right and where they can improve, getting them excited to give the full feature tool a try.

By offering your users MarketGoo, you’re not only differentiating your services, but empowering them to grow their business and take control of their website.  

Additionally, as a hoster you can generate additional revenue from consumers that upgrade to any of MarketGoo paid plans after their trial period, . Stand out in your market by offering an innovative, affordable and easy to use SEO tool!

User Benefits:

  • - New, redesigned user interface
  • - No need for technical knowledge
  • - Personalised website marketing plan
  • - Step by Step Instructions
  • - 10 day free trial


Partner Benefits:

  • - New revenue streams from a high value product
  • - Generous revenue sharing commissions
  • - Increased user experience for all your customers with our Free Website Report
  • - Installation takes just a few minutes.   
  • - We provide you with a Control Panel to track all activity; sign-ups, sales, commissions and payments.

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