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ModulesGarden Servertastic SSL For cPanel has been designed to let you supply digital certificates and handle their crucial features straight within your WHM. With this simple yet truly practical module, you will easily choose between DNS or file based method for SSL authentication, alter the status of each provided certificate as well as monitor the progress on its configuration.

Your clients will be free to install purchased certificates using tokens previously generated through Servertastic SSL For WHMCS module. They will also own the capability to remove certificates for both the main and addon domains and view their key details, all without leaving your cPanel area.

Place your confidence in our free Servertastic SSL For cPanel to start afresh with a far more convenient approach to providing web security!

The module is powered by Servertastic Limited in development partnership with ModulesGarden.

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WHM Features:

  • - View List Of Domains With Installed Certificates
  • - Remove Installed Certificates
  • - View Task Status Of Cron Executions
  • - View Detailed Logs Of API Errors
  • - Set Email For Notifications On Certificates Approvals
  • - Define Limit Of Cron Retries
  • - Choose File Or DNS Method Of SSL Authentication


cPanel Features:

  • - Install Certificates For Main And Addon Domains Using Pre-Generated Tokens
  • - View Basic Certificate Details
  • - Remove Installed Certificates


General Info:

  • - Token Based Certificates Installation
  • - Requires Servertastic SSL For WHMCS Module
  • - Multi-Language Support
  • - Supports cPanel & WHM 98 And Later

For more information about the module, visit our website and Wiki.


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