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NexusCore - .NET Core for cPanel & WHM

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The NexusCore Plugin for cPanel & WHM will allow you to tap into a new market by adding support for .NET Core to your clients. NexusCore integrates seamlessly within cPanel and WHM, allowing you to include NexusCore in your workflows (e.g. WHMCS) with no extra effort!

NexusCore and cPanel & WHM together form the perfect .net core webhosting control panel allowing your business to grow with both PHP+MySQL and .NET Core and Microsoft SQL Server Hosting packages. 

This product was created by demand as can be seen on the cPanel feature request page.

Ease of use is guaranteed.
Our .NET and SQL Server plugins for cPanel are blending in with cPanel offering the same UI/UX patterns found elsewhere in cPanel. Website owners won't even know this is an unofficial plugin!

cPanel plugin for .NET Core.
The cPanel plug-in for .NET Core provides guidance and logs for your customer base on deployment and other .NET related features.

cPanel plugin for SQL Server 2017 (optional.
As .NET Core applications mostly make use of SQL Server 2017, NexusCore comes with a plugin for SQL Server 2017 for Linux. This SQL Server edition (express) is free to use on your server.

Zero downtime, zero effort, zero maintenance.
NexusCore automatically updates itself to keep up with the latest features. In addition, it automatically updates the underlying .NET Core frameworks necessary for hosting .NET Core web apps.

NexusCore is international.
NexusCore has been built from the ground up to support international clients - the cPanel and WHM plugins have been localized in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and Dutch.

Full API and WHMCS integration.
NexusCore's features have been built with the best practices in mind as described by cPanel. This means that your workflows (with APIs, or WHMCS) do not change at all. You don't have to change your ways to use NexusCore!

How does it work?
We offer some guidance on how NexusCore works, but there are a lot of nuts and bolts involved. If you need some more in-depth information, please check out the technical guide on our webpage.

Support options.
For questions, we offer free support (both free and premium license holders), and we respond to all queries on the official cPanel slack channel.

Free and premium license options.
Try NexusCore on your server today with a free, no-questions-asked trial license. This license limits the number of accounts to 5, but can be upgraded to a premium license at any time. This way you can grow your customer base using the free license, and purchase a premium license only when you need it. And don’t worry, step-by-step instructions are available to completely install or remove NexusCore from your server might you not like the product.


User Reviews (2)

  • Awesome No More Manual Configs

    Added by: challgren About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    This is a much needed plugin for running .NET Core on cPanel. No more having to manually write startup scripts or logging in as root to configure my dotnet application. UI needs some cleanup such as duplicate "Go Back" links and needs a bit more documentation on their website. Installation was a bit tricky because I don't have sudo installed on my server. But overall great plugin would highly recommend for any host to have this as a plugin to support the dotnet user base.

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  • Windows .NET + MSSql on Centos = NexusCore

    Added by: shvaber About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    It is great software! From current time we do not need to have separately Windows-based hosting to let our customers publish their .NET applications. I recommend it.

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