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Nginx – Website Accelerator (WSA)

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Website Accelerator (WSA) is a cPanel/WHM plugin that allows easy installation of Nginx and add user-friendly server caching settings in both WHM and cPanel interface. Nginx will be installed as a reverse proxy on cPanel and will allow you to offer server side cPanel caching with an easy to understand user interface.

The plugin is created by Astral Internet, a company that is in the hosting business for more than 19 years, come with complete 24/7 assistance and is actively tested on many cPanel production servers.


How can a simple plugin make all my sites faster?

By harvesting Nginx caching capability and adapting it to the cPanel environment we manage to create a server wide cPanel compatible caching server.

The WSA plugin is a great way to optimize your server performance. Well configured, the Website Accelerator will free up resource usage of MySQL and Apache, leaving more resources for websites.


Simplicity and speed: The installation of the module is carried out with a single command line per SSH. As soon as the module is installed, your server will benefit from all the advantages of our Website Accelerator module.

100% Configurable: The module is fully configurable from the WHM GUI and can be activated from the "features" of cPanel plans. A graphical interface is also available for each of the cPanel accounts, allowing a granular configuration for each domain and subdomain.

Compatibility: The module has been verified with several thousand websites to ensure maximum compatibility. In all of our test scenarios, no websites have experienced problems after installing the module.

Advanced Caching: We’ve pushed the Nginx caching to the next level, allowing separate setting for every website and accounts

Activation per Package: The cPanel menu can be enabled or disabled per package, allowing up-selling for different packages.



For more information regarding setup, configuration or uninstallation, as well as other cPanel optimization tips, please visit the WSA documentation at:

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