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Web hosting account creation and billing automation script.

PhpHostBot fully automates web hosting client account creation and billing. PhpHostBot is a webware PHP application which integrates with the popular Cpanel(WHM) web hosting control panel. PhpHostBot supports Paypal subscriptions, free web hosting, Subdomain and Reseller account setup and supports both dedicated server and Reseller web hosting companies.

Web Hosting Automation Features

  • Automatic account creation & suspension (or complete termination) if your client cancels their hosting plan.
  • Fully automatic & instant client account creation (or optional account creation pending administrative approval).
  • Account creation setup fail-safe, easy failure recovery & alerts.

More Features

  • Client management features.
  • Shared / Reseller / Subdomain & Free web hosting account creation supported.
  • Manual hosting account creation support which can be assigned to any clients account.
  • Earnings statistics.
  • Client account functions (view/suspend/delete).
  • Shopping cart style order pages.
  • Support for all Paypal currencies.
  • Client & administrator sales history log.
  • Paypal IPN independent system (uses Paypal IPN but does not occupy your Paypal IPN slot).

Billing Options

  • Free hosting client trial period support.
  • Monthly / quarterly / semiannual and annual plan options.
  • Paypal subscription support which includes free trial, recurring and non-recurring billing options.

Client Features

  • Billing information. Quick access Cpanel hosting tools.
  • Account management.

Order Pages

  • HTML orientated order page design for easy non-programmer customization.
  • Returning client login & multiple account management support.
  • Account creation setup error prevention filters.

Technical Brief

  • Note*This is software for your website / web server.
  • Programming Language Used : PHP.
  • Database Type Used : mySQL.
  • Source Code : Open Source (Not encrypted).
  • Server OS Supported : All.
  • Additional Tools Used : HTML with moderate CSS, cPanel/WHM.
  • Documentation Provided : Installation Guide / Users Guide / Developers Guide.


  • PHP 4.x+ installed on your server.
  • (1) MySQL database.
  • Cpanel WHM installed.

Optional Requirements

  • A Paypal account (for client billing, not required if you are a free host provider).
  • Root or Reseller access on your server (Note that only Root accounts can use PhpHostBot to create Reseller accounts.

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