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Platypus ISP Billing System

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The total billing and customer management solution created specifically for ISP's/web hosts.

What is it?

Like its namesake, Platypus is unique. Think of Platypus as the central nervous system of your business that creates a single point of entry for data and stores almost everything that you or anyone in your company would need to know about a customer from billing to services to trouble tickets. Add in a customer web interface that allows customers to self-manage their services, order new services, manage trouble tickets and pay their bills online and you can see how Platypus gives you the tools to help you manage your business better.
What can it do for me?

Platypus Billing System has been designed to alleviate the billing challenges Internet Service Providers and Hosting companies face. That translates into savings, both in time and money, allowing you to stay competitive in a business where customer service is often a key differentiator. Platypus handles all your billing and collection duties, organizes your customer base, allows web-based customer self-management and more. Platypus is the single application that has all the tools you need to manage your business all in one place.

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