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QCObjects is a JavaScript framework designed to code fancy, clean and quick.

QCObjects is a technology that empowers developers to make web applications that are cross-platform, cross-frame and cross-browser

It is an open source technology based in JavaScript designed to allow web developers to code targeting desktop and mobile devices into a runtime components and objects scope.

With QCObjects developers can make a full stack application in one single technology based in Javascript for browsers as well as for Nodejs environments, what is saving time and simplifying the N-Tier development process.

Discovering the main advantages of QCObjects from what is currently in the market of open source initiatives:

1.- QCObjects can have backend and frontend together into a same code project
2.- QCObjects contains MVC fully integrated and Dynamic Components Architecture for scaleable applications
3.- Reduced amount of the total size of the code project in comparison with the alternatives.

Keep yourself up to date with the new features going to the official QCObjects main reference website: https://qcobjects.dev

QCObjects is licensed under LGPL-v3 (https://github.com/QuickCorp/QCObjects/blob/master/LICENSE.txt)

To contribute to this project you must follow the contributing guidelines: https://github.com/QuickCorp/QCObjects/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

Please follow the main reference on the QCObjects official website: https://qcobjects.dev



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