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Annoy The Hackers, Enjoy Your Most Advanced Security.

RV2Factor branded under RVGlobalsoft Co., Ltd. is a simplified cloud­based 2­Factor authentication service based on Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) that manages back­end functions without the need for an on­premise hardware or software installation, you and your server environment will be managed at ease. It is also an easy to implement for both two­factor and risk­based token­less authentication that will create value­added for WHM/cPanel, WordPress, HostBill, and Hosting packages for resellers. VIP Access (a mobile tool for user verification and validation) works across popular mobile platforms into the authentication infrastructure by offering a wide range of choices for you to utilize One­Time Password (OTP) credentials for free. With Credential ID and Security Code generated by VIP ACCESS, your environment is strongly protected against unauthorized users, hackers, malware, and more.

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