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Mobile First Concept, Extended Features, More Supports ...

Responsive web design
Adopted a mobile­first concept, RVSiteBuilder 5.2 is enhanced for PCs, smartphones, and tablets across popular browsers. New hundreds of template designs are optimized for mobile device’s view. Once the web is published, the RVSiteBuilder 5.2 will automatically feed your content to mobile block design.

Improvements on Style­Adjusting
Major improvements in Step 2 make your life easy to adjust the style of the web. For example, you can adjust your header layout for mobile displays as well as modifying the height of the header. With a new navigation and added 20 menus, you will have more design tools to create fantastic ornament upon your preferences. The tab ‘Mobile’ allows you to adjust text colors, background color of the header and options to hide some components on mobile display.
Block management
Stay more well­organized than before, the block­style management is allowed to move and adjust the layout with visual representation, helping you to figure out how your actual website will be previewed. Once it is published, the mobile view will be applied.

Fully customizable / New master layout templates
There are new master layout templates which allow more rooms for users to adjust the block layout in the template. Those templates are not just DIY but they are highly customizable. With the new aligned navigation, RVSiteBuilder 5.2 will work intuitively for your web publishing. Moreover, the new 5.2 allows you to import templates from other sources, giving more flexible options for you to decorate on DIY concept.

Modernized UI
The new designed icons and menus make your interface look more logical in web publishing activities. With feedbacks from users, RVSiteBuilder 5.2 works to sort things out on your content. Intuitive design will guide you through every single steps and make your website successfully published and updated.

Streamlined workflow
RVSiteBuilder 5.2 provides a set of workflows that smartly lead you to a more connected ways of web publishing. It begins with a step that paves your ways from headers, bodies, and mobile’s view. With advanced options, you can choose how your website looks in more details than ever.

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