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The S-RBL CHECKER is a WHM add-on script, which actually scan your server's IP address against various well know RBL lists. It also provides an option to send an email alert to the configured email account, if it detects any blacklist for the server IP addresse(s).


  1. It is completely FREE
  2. This is released as open source under the GPL, so that anyone with basic scripting / PHP knowledge can modify and customize it
  3. The plugin provides email alert feature and you can select the email interval ( from houryl, daily and weekly ). It selects the email account configured in WHM by default, which you can change any time.
  4. Provides an option to exclude IP addresse(s) from the RBL scan
  5. Update the RBL report every hour
  6. Provides an option to start manual scan any time from the user interface
  7. Installation and removal is very easy.
  8. User friendly interface
  9. Can add / remove additional RBL list any time.
  10. Manage additional RBLs in Exim configuration.
  11. Require cPanel 11.46+

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