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A plugin to daily backup WHM into your Amazon S3 account.

Backup your WHM & cPanel backup archives to Amazons hugely resilient Simple Storage Service (S3).

Take advantage of automated off-site WHM backups without the need for additional costly hardware. S3BackupWHM tags onto the end of your existing WHM backup process and securely copies your backed up files to Amazon S3.

Instant download. Easy setup. Piece of mind.

User Reviews (1)

  • Works as advertised

    Added by: delphi About 5 years ago

    Overall rating

    The last update to this script appears to have been over 3 years ago but it still works perfectly fine on our servers (as of Jan 2017). One reason why we use this instead of the inbuilt cpanel S3 backup is it has multiple retention options - e.g. allows you to keep multiple backup copies on S3.

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