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Secure your webserver today with the CobWeb Internal Scanner (CWIS, pronounced see-wis), the lightweight antivirus scanner application, an easy to use WHM admin security addon developed by CobWeb Security Ltd.



  • Free, enterprise-level tool
  • Scan with just one click
  • Simple, intuitive, flexible
  • Database security scanning
  • Detailed scan results report

The scanner designed to detect adware and malware, backdoors and exploits, defacement and phishing code, trojans and viruses, CMS and server vulnerabilities and other security threats within database content and files uploaded to your system. Just install CWIS Antivirus free and start protecting your website immediately!

We also offer a Business CWIS key that will give you:

  • Scanner scheduler’s settings
  • Upgrade to Premium support
  • SQL malware scan (CWIS exclusive function)
  • Scanner report export function

You can click here to sign-up for CWIS Business or Premium now.



CWIS is a professional multi-functional antivirus with the best security features and advanced functions for virus and vulnerabilities diagnostic. It provides a wide range of functions that will ensure the security of your site:

  • Virus & Malware antivirus scanner
  • Vulnerable scripts and plugins monitoring
  • Adware, Spyware and SPAM links detection
  • Blacklist Monitoring (Web Trust check)
  • Powerful & Easy to use malware removal tools
  • Security hardening analytics and recommendations
  • Professional features (CWIS Business or Premium)

CWIS Antivirus is a powerful security tool for virus monitoring and detection. Moreover, this antivirus will not only scan your website, but it will clean it from malicious code and malware as well. With CWIS Antivirus you will be able to remove viruses from the database and secure your website in a blink of an eye.



CWIS Antivirus Security is based on a unique algorithm developed by our team to find malicious code. It has the fullest signatures database. Also, the premium version of CWIS Antivirus contains the extended heuristic security analysis algorithm that allows it to find viruses not only on the website but on the domain as well.

CWIS Antivirus reveals almost every kind of viruses and malicious code that exist today:

  • Webshells and backdoor detection (backdoor webshells)
  • Javascript malware, trojans and virus detection (JS viruses)
  • PHP malware (server malware) and bot spam file detection
  • Detection of phishing pages set up by hackers (phishing pages)
  • Hack detection (malicious code in .htaccess)
  • SQL Malware detection – an unique feature

CWIS Antivirus has some important advantages:

  • The fullest viruses database for signature search
  • Heuristic / security analysis algorithm
  • Extended search range that allows it to find viruses throughout the domain’s space, not only throughout the website
  • Scanning for viruses in database



One of the most important parts of your website security and protection is a well-timed analysis for plugin, CMS and database vulnerabilities. These security vulnerabilities are an easy way for a hacker to crawl into your website. That’s why a well-timed diagnosis and update are vital for hardening the protection of the website.

Our security scanner is able to find:

  • Vulnerable/insecure scripts
  • Plugins and themes vulnerabilities
  • SQL, XSS malicious injections
  • Adware, spyware and SPAM links



CWIS scanner successfully detects:

  • SEO & SPAM links
  • Doorway pages (SEO)
  • iFrame injections
  • Black-hat SEO infections



CWIS Blacklist Monitoring scanner checks IP addresses and website domains in most popular blacklists and safe browsing databases. Real-time Blacklists or Blackhole lists – also called DNS-based Blackhole Lists – are lists of IP addresses published through DNS. Often there are listed computers or networks that may spam or consist malware in such lists. Many secure corporate mail servers are configured to reject or flag messages which have been sent from IP addresses listed in one of these blacklists.

Leading email systems like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail also use blacklists to filter emails by addresses. If your network’s IP addresses end up in a blacklist, you and your customers can experience problems sending and receiving emails. It can significantly damage your business.

CWIS Blacklist Monitoring scanner will automatically alert you if your website addresses or domains become listed in any of the widely used URL blacklists.

URIBL (or URL Blacklists) are similar to RBLs, except rather than tracking IP addresses they track domain names and website URLs which have been identified as being used for spamming, phishing or spreading viruses.

If your website becomes blacklisted, any reference to your website URL may be blocked, including:

  • referencing your website URL in email;
  • social media or blog posts;
  • or visitors simply will not be able to get to your website.

The Google and Yandex Safe Browsing databases include lists of websites that may be dangerous to visitors because they are suspected of phishing scams or spreading viruses.



The CWIS Antivirus Security Scanner will not only help you find all of the viruses and malicious code on your web site but we will also help you remove this malware easily. Our built-in file viewer and editor is an easy tool to remove the infected file code or its part depending on the type of infection. The cleaning process is very simple and requires no special training.



Built-in Cron Scheduler:

  • Twice a day, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly scan frequency
  • Custom settings (scan path, scan level and database scan)
  • Security rescan of newly added and modified files
  • Scan reports and notifications via email

CWIS Antivirus Scanner detects:

  • Newly added and modified files
  • Symlinks and hidden files
  • Suspicious PHP code
  • Potentially malicious files and code
  • Private IP addresses
  • Unix executable files

Website Security Info:

  • Basic Information
  • Server Environment
  • SSL certificate: free online tool to analyze your SSL certificate and server configuration, displays the current status of SSL certificate, notifies if your website is secured and who it was verified by.



  • PHP version 5.4.0 or higher

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