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Website Builder for Business.

Soholaunch is an easy-to-use website creation tool to help you build, maintain, and manage your personal or business website. It runs right from your website, making it easy to take shopping cart orders online, create forms, and edit site pages from any computer in the world!

Helps your customers build a better website for less money
Empowers the end user to build a beautiful and robust Website without feeling shortchanged by the quality just because he is using an affordable product.

Keep your customers longer
We are really keen on keeping the client using our service for a long time. Between our internal programmers and the freelance programmers in the add-on community, we put significant amount of effort into make sure that any advanced tool will be integrated into our system. If the client has outgrown our blogging system, he can easily integrate Word Press, if he wants to measure his traffic we have integrated Google analytics into both our editor and shopping cart.

Add revenue
This might be last but it is certainly the most important. Our biggest effort will be placed on our partners and to make sure that they can actually increase their revenue. With strategies such as optional auto installation add on site, and strategically placed links, we have managed to develop a complete business model to bring new income in a non intrusive manner (key word is non Intrusive). I will explore this with you in next section.

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