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Adds fast, easy, and hyper-safe account anti-theft to your site. Fully self-service. Award-winning!

This cPanel app adds a new option for you and your users, which lets them activate two-factor protection on their account.

CryptoPhoto is the worlds strongest account protection solution, but it is also the worlds easiest and fastest multifactor protection. See our 30-second video on our home page for how it works. Basically, customers tap a photo as part of their login. This one simple tap:-

*. Blocks Phishing (no competing 2FA solution can do this)

*. Protects against Keyloggers and Malware

*. Prevents social Engineering attacks (eg: telephone phishing)

*. Stops shoulder-surfing problems, user error, browserjacking

*. And loads more: CryptoPhoto is the world’s only comprehensive protection for account logins.

CryptoPhoto works best as an App (the token part is installed on the end-users smartphone or tablet – all popular devices are supported, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and WindowsPhone). It also works for people without a smarthpone (they download and print their own clever tokens when they enrol).

You can choose to charge your users for tokens (either through your own service, or by activating in-app-purchase on their smartphone tokens), so CryptoPhoto is also the world’s first security product which actually pays you money to protect your users!

CryptoPhoto is also the world “lowest support needed” multifactor solution. The protection keeps working, even when phones get lost/stolen, go flat, or run out of credit/data. It works at home and abroad, and keeps working with or without any data connection. It is fully self-service: users enrol and activate themselves, and can re-enrol and change phones and tokens themselves, and it is so easy to use, that nobody needs any training ever. You will not be flooded by confused users, and will rarely or never have to deal with the hassle of lost tokens or locked-out customers (or worse – hackers pretending to be customers who were locked out). The comprehensive protection of CryptoPhoto extends across the full spectrum of threats, both to your customers, and your own support staff as well.


Security Features:

*. Mutual Authentication

*. Multi-Channel communications proteciton

*. Time-synchronous OTP & Event based OTP

*. Configurable Security policy

*. PIN Protectable

*. Seedless (no master keys exist, so can’t get stolen)

*. Transaction Verification (MitB protection)

*. Genuine recognized Two-Factor compliance

*. Biometric capabilities (face recognition unlock, login, and/or verify)

*. Far stronger entropy than competing products (RSA, TOTP, two-step, google authenticator, etc)

*. Genuine comprehensive protection against all modern authentication attacks


User Features:

*. Easy to use & understand

*. Compatible with all browsers, platforms, operating systems, and devices. If it loads a web page, CryptoPhoto will protect it.

*. Non-expiring

*. Super fast – can be faster even than not using CryptoPhoto at all!

*. Optionally can replace passwords


Product and Service Features:

*. Optional automatic login supported

*. Multi-domains supported

*. Loss protected

*. Self-service replacement

*. Seamless, self-service provisioning

*. Waterproof

*. Easy integration

*. Low Support requirements

*. Self-service Revocation supported

*. Protects your customers against denial-of-service attacks (DoS through account lockouts when hackers try to guess their passwords)

Follow our instructions on our cPanel setup page to download and install this plugin:

If for any reason you need help, our friendly human staff are available 24/7 for live support.

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