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Ubersmith is an automated billing and client account management tool.

Automate Billing

Select from dozens of presets, making nearly any billing need you have a snap to get up and running.

Improve Time to Resolution
The speed at which you can resolve an inquiry impacts everything. If you can respond quickly, you have higher capacity to manage more customers with the same amount of staff. For that reason, our support management tools have been designed for ultimate efficiency and fast-loading interfaces.

Reclaim Unbilled Bandwidth Revenue
You wouldn’t burn money, would you? We can help you realize the rewards of bandwidth billing.

Upsell What People Need

Use monitors to inform your sales staff when to upsell memory, drives, or servers to your customers.

Improve Customer Retention
The best way to make money is not to lose it. Our products provide you better visibility of your customers and your customers of you. Your customers will love our easy-to-use client portal.

Collect on Past-Due Accounts
If you don’t act on past due accounts quickly, reclaiming those funds becomes difficult. We make it easy to act quickly and get paid.

Understand Revenue & Trends
Many of the webhost business owners we meet have a general idea of their profitability. Well, general just isn’t good enough. We can help you separate the service plans which produce profit from those which don’t and focus on good customers.

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