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Upload Guardian will detect, in real time, malicious files against its up to date ruleset.

FTP File Scan, FTP Anti-Virus

Existing DirectAdmin users please contact us for help in enabling ProFTP scanning support or review Step 9 in the installation documentation.

Introducing Upload Guardian, a first of its kind file upload scanner plus user account and directory scanner. Most web sites are attacked through a simple file upload, from a bruteforced FTP account password or even a basic PHP upload script. Once they have access, they will try to upload malicious files such as web shells, irc bots, exploits, and more.

Upload Guardian will detect, in real time, malicious files against its up to date ruleset. If a malicious file is detected you can have the program email the administrator an alert and log the findings as well as quaranteen the file. Did we mention this is all done in real time!

A virus scanner and firewall DO NOT offer any protection in this area. Web application firewalls like mod_security do not even help. This is why we have developed this product exclusively for hosting companies, server owners and webmasters. Add a new level of protection to your server and clients, get automated file upload scanning protection.

What if the shell scripts, shell bots or other hacker files were put in the users directory before we installed Upload Guardian?

Simple – You can do a manual user account scan as often as you like and even schedule it do to so daily.
For example# ./scanit.pl -scan /home/bob/
You can also automatically scan every users account, no extra configuration required. For example# ./scanit.pl


  • ClamAV and F-Prot anti-virus scan FTP!
  • Our in house scanning engine scans for specific malicious files
  • Automated file upload scanning
  • Full cPanel and DirectAdmin support
  • Prevent and stop unwanted malicious file uploads
  • E-mail alerts and logging
  • Scans both FTP and PHP based file uploads
  • Schedule or manual scan user account scans for malicious files
  • Schedule or manual scan system directories or specific files
  • Schedule or manual scan every user account
  • Custom rules file, you can add your own rules for your specific server
  • File Quarantine – move suspicious files for further investigation
  • File Removal – Automatically delete infected files upon upload

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