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Ultra fast Web accelerator and cache with the lowest server load. Faster than Nginx & Lighttpd.

UNIXY.NET is making the Varnish Cache software available on a cPanel server via an addon script. Varnish Cache is a modern Web accelerator with performance gains surpassing those obtained by running Nginx, Squid,or Lighttpd. Installing this plugin on your server results in faster Web page delivery and a much lower server load. The Varnish plugin allows one to install, manage, and tune Varnish via cPanel WHM on a dedicated server for shared or single domain hosting.

User Reviews (2)

  • Agree with previous review

    Added by: asprayer About 2 years ago

    Overall rating

    I agree with the previous review, there is no support and many versions of the plugin will not work, actually takes all sites on your server offline. I have a ticket with Unixy that has not been answered for more than 12 months. Search for reviews you will find plenty with the same experience, dont waste your time or money on Unixy.

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  • Thief

    Added by: yamaharr1 About 3 years ago

    Overall rating

    Don't even think about using this, just search the web for unixy reviews. I purchased it along with installation service, but the install instructions were easy so I did it myself rather than wait and it ran fine for a day then crashed the server. In a support ticket they said I should let them install it, and I said OK but they never responded, that was over 2 weeks ago. I opened a PayPal claim asking for the money back paid for ONLY the installation, NOT for the 3 months subscription and they won't return the money. So they wouldn't do the install and they won't give the money back, that equates to being a thief. Do yourself a favor search the web for varnish install cpanel there are some easy guides on how to do it, and unlike this plugin those actually work. This developer is only going to rip you off, don't believe me search the net and you will see for yourself.

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