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Varnish + Nginx for cPanel WHM

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Deploy both Varnish and Nginx on your cPanel WHM for best performance, security, and stability.

After our very successful, first in the world, release of the cPanel Varnish Plugin(, we have decided to release the Varnish+Nginx plugin for cPanel WHM. We have carefully engineered this new plugin to take advantage of the unique features of both pieces of software in terms of performance, security, and stability.

UNIXY’s focus has always been to provide truly fully managed cPanel servers at our four locations around the world. We remain committed to the service and extend the offer to all cPanel Varnish+Nginx Plugin subscribers. We offer paid installation, support, and maintenance options for a one-time fee.

The result culminating from this combination of legendary open source software has led to this amazing performance. Folks, the performance boost is beyond all imagination and you must try it to believe it.

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