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Boost your Litespeed cPanel WHM server.

After our very successful, first in the world, release of the cPanel Varnish Plugin ( and cPanel Varnish Nginx Plugin( we are now releasing the Varnish Litespeed plugin for cPanel WHM. We have carefully engineered this new plugin so it augments Litespeed in terms of performance, security, and stability. All from the comfort of your WHM interface.

UNIXY’s focus has always been to provide truly fully managed cPanel servers at our four locations around the world. We remain committed to the service and extend the offer to all cPanel Varnish+Nginx Plugin subscribers. We offer paid installation, support, and maintenance options for a one-time fee. We also provide advanced support options for larger projects including consulting, programming, and infrastructure build out.

The Varnish Litespeed cPanel plugin brings a new frontier in performance. Its ability to cope with bursts of traffic is tremendous. It also adds an extra layer of security by implementing in-VCL modsecurity rules (no need for modsecurity to be installed/compiled as a module). This is in addition to dozens of features that are come with this plugin.

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