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WHM Superb is a cPanel/WHM plugin that dramatically increases your opportunity to monetize your cPanel hosting services! Even if you're not a hosting provider, you can still enjoy this plugin since it comes with a lot of useful features applicable to the end user at a price that won't break your pocket.

The 6 major features in WHM Superb include:

  1. Shoutcast Streaming Services with AutoDJ features to your cPanel customers

  2. Icecast Streaming Services with AutoDJ features to your cPanel customers

  3. Mumble Voice Conferencing (especially good for gamers)

  4. A simple app installer that allows your customers to install currently Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, Prestashop and Roundcube Mail (we'll be adding more apps as time goes by while still keeping it as clean and simple as possible)

  5. Secondary email store and forward (in the event that your mail server goes, down, this will store emails and then forward them back to the mail server when its back online!)

  6. Simple Nginx reverse proxy which you can use with a DDOS protected server to protect your backend server. Of course, it also speeds up your websites' load times in most cases!

There are other Value Added features which you can find on our website!

WHM Superb - Energizing your cPanel experience!

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