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WHMApp – Android Mobile App for Root & Reseller

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WHMApp - Android Mobile App to manage WHM / cPanel Server Root & Reseller Accoounts

WHMApp for Root & Reseller

WHMApp – The best WHM / Reseller Management mobile application for the Android platform that helps you to connect with your server to manage Accounts, DNS Functions, Monitor Server, Restart or Manage Services and much more and that too through an easy interface design. WHMApp works with WHM cPanel API allowing you to manage all functionalities of server.

One of the struggles with managing your own server is that users or customers can call 24/7 with requests for password resets, bandwidth increase and a host of other issues. Remote management tools are a necessity to ensure responsiveness as well as convenience. This app can solve and speed up the response time and keep your customers happy!

WHMApp is designed broadly to handle Root access & Reseller Accounts. All Root & Resellers can manage their end-user domain’s functionalists like create, manage, suspend, terminate accounts, change IP address, DNS Zone Management including IP Management, Bandwidth Management, Quota Management and much more…

Secure & Safe: No PHP Backend Web Services are used while developing this app like other apps. All your information of server is secured with your phone in encrypted method.

Have a Look at the list of features:
Add / Edit / Save Server
Create / Manage End User cPanel Accounts (Root & Reseller)
Create / Manage Reseller Accounts (Root Only)
Create / Manage Packages (Root & Reseller)
Create / Manage DNS Zones (Root & Reseller)
Create, Manage, Edit, Suspend, Terminate End User & Reseller Accounts (Root & Reseller)
Server IP, DNS, Quota, Bandwidth Management of End User & Reseller Accounts (Root & Reseller)
Reseller ACL Create / Management (Root)

For Support : http://support.whmapp.com


cPanel, Web Host Manager and WHM are registered trademarks of cPanel, Inc.

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