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Create/Manage Alpha & Master Resellers. Plus WHM Migrations with Reseller Pass & Remote Backups.

WHMreseller offers the root server owner the ability to sell superior Alpha Reseller & Master Reseller Hosting Plans. Master Reseller accounts are normal WHM reseller accounts with an extra control panel accessible from WHM that allows the creation and management of multiple WHM Reseller Accounts. Alpha Reseller accounts are Master Reseller Accounts that can also create and manage mulitple Master Reseller Accounts. Under WHMreseller both these new types of resellers also come with bonus functions that are normally not availble to resellers, namely fully automated reseller account migrations between servers using only the reseller password and a comprehensive backup interface for immediate and automated backups both locally and remote.

General Features:

  • WHMreseller was the FIRST Master Reseller Addon to the market place
  • Highly secure and optimized code base
  • Best User Interface of all Multi-Reseller Addons
  • 100% cPanel compatible
  • Automated Free Security Updates & Upgrades
  • Reliable & Competent Support

Root User Features:

  • Grant Alpha & Master Reseller Rights to your Resellers
  • AutoGrant function to automatically Grant Alpha & MR Rights
  • Fully Control Alpha & MR Quotas, Bandwidth, and Function Access Controls
  • Automated Remote Backup Function for backing up any / all cpanel accounts
  • WHM Migration Function to migrate Reseller accounts from remote servers using reseller password
  • WHMCS Compatible to automaticlaly setup Alpha / Master Reseller accounts

ALPHA & Master Reseller Features:

  • ALPHA ONLY -> Create/Delete/Suspend Master Reseller accounts
  • Create/Delete/Suspend Sub Resellers (WHM accounts)
  • Create/Delete/Suspend Sub Reseller cPanel accounts
  • ALPHA ONLY -> Edit Master Reseller Resources
  • Edit Sub Reseller Resource/Number/PreAssigned Package Limiting
  • Modify cPanel Account Domain names, IP’s, Quotas, Bandwidth
  • Unlimited limits Option (if activated by root user)
  • Upgrade/Downgrade and move accounts between Sub Resellers
  • Migrate Entire Reseller Accounts with reseller password and cPanel Accts
  • Immediate Local & Remote Backup Generation & Restore Functions
  • Automated Local & Remote Backup Generation & Restore Functions

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